Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cumming, GA: Jasmine, 15 year old family dog missing!



 I desperately need your help! Our sweet 15 year old dog, Jasmine, went missing Tuesday night. She has bad arthritis in her back legs.
She has been without meds going on 2 days. Please, if you live in
North Georgia, repost this to help us get the word out. We live in
Cumming of Post Road and Drew Campground.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Nashville, TN: Good Samaritan pleading for help for brother and sister puppies

 Sherri Levy could not leave these two defenseless puppies without the help they needed.  The little girl had been hit by a car.  Sherri got help for them, but just cannot keep them.  Please help her help them.  Read her story below.

These pups were abandoned by my apartments. Boy and girl, both fixed. Brother and sister. Taken to vet. They are approximately 6 months old. Husky/Shepherd mix. SOOOO sweet and affectionate. Little girl hit by car, broken leg, casted. (Will remain 6-8 weeks.) 37 and 40 pounds. My heart aches for them but I cannot keep them. Please forward email/pics, post in Facebook or if anyone has room in their heart and home please let me know. :'(   Sherri Levy

2-16-13:  A note from Sherri:

Here are more pics today after their bath, (they met a skunk on their travels) and
resting peacefully... (so bonded together) after playing with my friend's dog all day!!
  "They're really doing well but need a home, instead of my apartment. Feeling a little hopeless today. They're so sweet but this just isn't fair to them & my cat is in hiding. :( I hope we can find a forever home with a yard & Loving people to take them both together SOON.
Thanks for spreading the word.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

*Lafayette, TN: Jossie and Humphrey need your assistance

 Jossie was rescued and helped save a little Jack Russell boy who was her best friend and savior when she was so scared.
Humphrey is being adopted too!

Can you donate a few dollars? These two babies were rescued by Matt and Sarah (Sally) King. (see story below)  Paypal to
We need donations to help with the vetting of these

Monday, February 11, 2013


EVERYONE PLEASE PASS THIS ON AND LET'S HOPE WE CAN FIND HER DOGS! If your rescue took any dogs from Etowah Valley Humane Society in Cartersville, GA around 12/13/12 read on!


Hi all, I called the party, Ashley Crumbley for clarification today on this.
First, her dogs were stolen, than went to Bartow County AC , Transferred to Etowah Valley Humane Society in Cartersville Georgia on December 13th, and THEN were rescued to an out of state Rescue. WHO that rescue was, Etowah Valley will not tell Ms Crumbley for legal reasons /privacy laws.

SO…PLEASE the Rescue who HAS these dogs step up and return them to Ms. Crumbley
by calling her at: 1-678 368 3955 ( her cell which is always on).
She desperately wants her dogs back!
Male Yellow Lab ( nuetered) , Sarge and Sophie, (spayed),Female Pointer X.
For large pic of these dogs, pls open the PDF file.

Please forward far and wide. These dogs were stolen from their yard and have been missing ever since. Thankfully they were pulled by rescue but the trail goes cold there. Flyers attached.

*From: Ashley Crumbley <>

Our dogs were brought to Bartow County Animal Control December 3rd, They were transferred to Etowah Valley Humane Society in Cartersville Georgia on December 13th, that is where the trail goes cold.. they were sent together to an out of state rescue and have been seen since. Our babies were stolen out of our yard by a very malicious woman. Sophie, the female German Short Haired Pointer mix is heart worm positive, spayed and can be food aggressive. Sarge, our VERY large lab is neutered and is not very fond of men, he has light blonde freckles on his front legs.

Please share with your rescue connections, the number listed on the flyer is my cell phone which is ALWAYS on me.

Thank you SO much,
Ashley Crumbley

"Faith, Love and Happiness"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chase City, VA: Blue Horse Equine Retirement and Rescue Center needs your help

This wonderful and inspiring rescue has done so much good.  Rabiah Seminole, the founder and director and the heart and sole of this rescue is reaching out for donations and/or ideas to continue the good works they do. Please take a moment to read her letter and visit their website.  There is a video worth a thousand words.

“I am writing this because I am afraid. Afraid that all the work here may be coming to an end. We are struggling and need help.

We have taken in horses and dogs that all came with a story. Every story was pretty much the same.  ...“if you will take my beloved companion, I will send a donation every month to help, or I will come and volunteer , or I will help to raise funds, or I will come and help fix fencing etc.”

There have been few exceptions in those promises. There have been some wonderful people that have lived up to every promise they made. Others have not. Honestly, I did not expect them to. We have been doing this for 15 years and in that time have heard every story in the book about why someone could not continue to keep their companion. Some were very viable. Others, not so much.

The point is, we now DO need your help. Help to provide the care that every single one of these beautiful souls need and deserve. If every person that had promised to help had or would do what they said, things would be ok.

Our feed bill a year for grain alone is $30,000.00 our hay bill is $26,000.00 this is just for horse feed and hay. This does not include farrier fees which is approximately  $150.00 per week and vet bills. Thankfully our dog and cat food is now being donated.

I always hate asking for help and have done so only on a few occasions. We do not have the funds to do commercials or anything that cost money. We use every penny to support the ones here that are depending on us.

So now, I am not just asking for help, I am begging for your help. $5.00 WILL BUY A BALE OF HAY. No amount is to small.  If you would like to help with our feed you may call Spaulding’s and ask for Lonnie at 434-735-8161.

Even as small a thing as saving your Southern States proof of purchase from the tops of feed bags and sending them to us.  Read here about how that helps.

I have set up a page . with my photographs all the proceeds that I receive from selling those will go to Blue Horse. There you can purchase, prints, cards,etc of the images that I have taken around the rescue. I am trying everything I can to continue our work....but I need your help..... “

If you would like to make a donation you may do so by going to our website and use our pay pal account there. Or you can send a check to:

                          Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center
                                                             25859 Hwy 49
                                                      Chase City, Virginia 23924

Thanking you in advance  and Many Blessings