Friday, February 15, 2013

Nashville, TN: Good Samaritan pleading for help for brother and sister puppies

 Sherri Levy could not leave these two defenseless puppies without the help they needed.  The little girl had been hit by a car.  Sherri got help for them, but just cannot keep them.  Please help her help them.  Read her story below.

These pups were abandoned by my apartments. Boy and girl, both fixed. Brother and sister. Taken to vet. They are approximately 6 months old. Husky/Shepherd mix. SOOOO sweet and affectionate. Little girl hit by car, broken leg, casted. (Will remain 6-8 weeks.) 37 and 40 pounds. My heart aches for them but I cannot keep them. Please forward email/pics, post in Facebook or if anyone has room in their heart and home please let me know. :'(   Sherri Levy

2-16-13:  A note from Sherri:

Here are more pics today after their bath, (they met a skunk on their travels) and
resting peacefully... (so bonded together) after playing with my friend's dog all day!!
  "They're really doing well but need a home, instead of my apartment. Feeling a little hopeless today. They're so sweet but this just isn't fair to them & my cat is in hiding. :( I hope we can find a forever home with a yard & Loving people to take them both together SOON.
Thanks for spreading the word.

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