Wednesday, February 13, 2013

*Lafayette, TN: Jossie and Humphrey need your assistance

 Jossie was rescued and helped save a little Jack Russell boy who was her best friend and savior when she was so scared.
Humphrey is being adopted too!

Can you donate a few dollars? These two babies were rescued by Matt and Sarah (Sally) King. (see story below)  Paypal to
We need donations to help with the vetting of these
two babies.  Neither one is spayed/neutered.
Little Jossie has wounds from her collar being imbedded in her neck and a possible infection.  They both need vaccinations and HW testing.

Thankfully, both are HW NEGATIVE and Jossie's neck wound will heal without infection thanks to Sarah getting her in to the vet so quickly. She did not wait for donations to get them there, but the bill is in her name.  They will both be ready for fur-ever homes soon.  Matt and Sarah have named Jossie's hero Humphrey
If you can help, we would appreciate it SO much.  Any amount will help.

  There were no offers of rescue for this little girl who was so scared and set to be PTS in just hours.  Last night was her last night.....then we heard from Sally and Matt King. They don’t make them better than Sally and Matt. I first met them 2 years ago when they fostered a beautiful pittie tied to a tree.
Since then, they have foster MANY dogs......some of the hardest dogs to place. The sickest. The injured. Moms with puppies. Dying puppies. They have found homes for them....and some they have kept.
They are a young couple with two jobs...and a child....and not much extra to spare. This never slows them down.
Every time I think of people making excuses as to why they cant foster....I think of Sally and Matt.
Last night Sally emailed me that they had just placed one of their dogs – so they were going to rescue Jossie. They would drive to pick her up Sunday, take her to the vet Monday, then bring her home to safety. 
There was only one problem.  There was one other dog at the shelter  – a tiny Jack Russell who had comforted Jossie and protected her.  She would be left there alone to die.
Well, Sally and Matt couldn’t live with leaving her behind. So we found some more money for vetting the Jack Russell and they will take her Sunday too.  
No dogs will be left to be euthanized at this least for now.
Thank God for Sally and Matt.  When I was their age I didn’t understand the depth of charity needed for these animals.  I didn’t give of myself as I should have.  I’m so proud of them for knowing better.
Vetting Taken Care Of!

Contact Parker at Or 423-278-4622

We've got less than 2 days to network for this sweet, scared girl.  Please crosspost to the moon and back.

Jossie is falling between the cracks, being overlooked and she feels exactly what is happening.  Who knows how she became a stray, left to fend for herself.  She must be so confused and we know how absolutely scared she is.  She just needs someone to come in and look in her eyes and get her out of there - someone to let her know it will be okaye.  Please don't let her die alone and scared thinking no one cared.

"Meet Jossie, female, 30 lbs or less, no vetting, picked up as a stray. Very, very scared little girl. She all buts falls when she trembles. It's so sad to see her like this. This baby is so sweet. Surely to goodness there is someone out there for her. Folks please find it in your heart to help Jossie. Due to be put down February 9, 2013.   Located in Lafayette, Tennessee."

 Contact Parker 

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