Tuesday, May 15, 2012

*Chatsworth, GA: Precious pup with mange to be PTS in hours!

8-11-12:  Precious has been saved! Hoping for a current picture soon!

Just hours to save this sweet little pup
I am very precious!

110593 b Poor, sweet 1 1/2-yr-old girl has mange. She was found in this pitful state. She's getting treatment for the mange, but needs rescue help NOW. Despite her condition, she is in good spirits. Please, please help her! 
This sweet pup is set to be PTS Thur at dawn at the Murray Shelter in Chatsworth, GA just north of Atlanta and just south of Chattanooga , TN ). We must know by THIS WED 5/16 if she has rescue. Please help her live. 

NOTE: Free transport to Atlanta provided. Transport contacts to the northeast and midwest available (once she gets the OK to travel)

Please e-mail or call ASAP as time is of the essence! Your rescue help is greatly appreciated!!
If you are not able to save this dog at this time, you also may make a donation on her behalf. Simply go to www.paypal.com, click on the "send money" tab on the home page and enter the shelter acct, murraycogavetdonate@yahoo.com. In the subject line, indicate this is a donation for the mangy girl.
Thank you!!

Lisa Hester, volunteer
- and –
Joann, volunteer

(860) 657-5340
- and - 
Robin, volunteer
215 -802-7816
- and -
706-260-5251 (daytime Tu,Th,F)(TEXT or call)
Pauline Davisac2mcac@yahoo.com706-463-2194, TEXT messages only

Monday, May 14, 2012

*Birmingham, AL: Homeless on 5/26 ** Disabled woman needs to rehome Lab mix - Urgent!!

8-9-12 Happy Update!!  "Lady was adopted by a woman about 60 years old in Homewood, Alabama. She also has 2 other senior dogs and Lady fit right in with her canine family. Lady has a beautiful backyard to play in and even a neighbor who has fallen in love with her as well. The neighbor comes over to visit everyday and they have a special bond. So Lady is extremely luck and kinda has 2 Moms who loves her dearly!! All worked out perfectly for this sweet senior pooch!! Thank you so much for asking about her..."   Ellen

Lady is losing her home and has only 3 weeks to find a new one!! Please help her.
*From Ellen: The owner of this sweet dog has become disabled and is having to move in with her brother in Montana. Her dog Lady MUST be re-homed by 5/26/12. That leaves only 3 weeks and Lady will be homeless!!  The situation is becoming URGENT for these animals and great homes or rescue are needed quickly. Below is Ladys information... she is an absolute doll!!! Such a total lovebug!! Lady is located in Birmingham, Alabama... but can be transported a reasonable