Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dekalb County, GA: Cinderella needs a fairy tale ending - Look at this precious soul!

Please help save Cinderella! Having recently witnessed the rescue of a beautiful boy named Monk...we know the beauty that is in the heart and body of precious Cinderella (top photo).  She could be his little sister.  Let's help those who are trying to provide healing and rescue for her. She needs a rescue or foster!
A picture is worth a thousand words  Look what a few weeks and a lot of love did for Monk...Please make this same thing happen for Cinderella

Thank you in advance!!  Call me personally 404-307-3501 to help her.  Can you please help me save Cinderella?  She is a very sweet girl and needs a rescue or foster to get her out of the shelter so that she can heal?  We have already started her on Ivermectin for the mange and antibiotics for her skin infections.  She has already made significant improvements in the week she has been at DCAS.


*Lafayette, TN: Abandoned by his family, mistreated in "rescue." Help Miles!!

July 11, 2013:  Miles has been rescued!!!
This precious boy was an affectionate family inside pet, who for unknown reasons was brought to the shelter. He was "rescued" shortly thereafter.  When he left the shelter, he was in good health and well taken care of.  One month later, he has lost weight and has puncture wounds and mange.  His heart must be broken. Help us show Miles that there are good people out there, that he will have that safe, secure and loving home once again.  Contact Parker if you can help...please do not call the shelter.
Miles was brought into AC in Lafayette, Tennessee back in June 2013. Miles was rescued in June of 2013, and was then removed from this rescue on Saturday July 6, 2013.

Miles now has several scars about his body and face, along with punctures, and he is ten pounds lighter. Miles has been seen by a vet for Demodex and his wounds, and is

Monday, July 8, 2013

South Carolina: Sweetie Petie's family needs your help to find her a new home.

Owner sadly needs to find Sweetie Petie a new family. Please read her story below and help us find her that perfect home.

*From Alicia:  We had 4 dogs (3 were rescues including Petie). Our Alpha Dog, Goliath, passed away because of cancer about a year ago. Before he passed, the pecking order of our "pack" was pretty well in check. Our two females (Petie the jack russell and Darla the bull mastiff) kept their distance from each other but tolerated each other (but were not friends). Since Goliath has passed away, it seems that Darla (bull mastiff) has established herself as the pack leader and our 3rd dog has accepted her without a problem.

Petie, however, refuses to accept that she is not the leader and lashes out at Darla every chance she gets (the last fight they had, Petie lost her two front teeth and had to be stitched up and I don't want them to go through that again). It was not like this before our alpha passed away.

Right now, I cannot have the two females out at the same time so each has to be locked in her respective crate in 1-hour shifts on and off all day long. It just does not seem fair to have to do that to either dog.

Now, recently we boarded the two other dogs and had Petie home alone before we left for a short vacation. While she was the only dog in the home, she was back to the sweet, playful, loving, follow-us-around, "Sweetie Petie" she had been before. Plus, our neighbor came in to care for Petie while we were gone and she was friendly, playful, and obedient for her as well. Our neighbor called her "a perfect dog."

We feel as if the dynamic of the dogs we have is not good for Petie and that she would be happier in another home (although we love her and don't want her to go, I do not know of another way to help her be the happy furry friend she once was). We feel Petie needs a home without any other dogs or cats (being a hunting breed, she does not like cats). She is good with children, but she gets very excited around kids because she wants to play with them and sometimes this is scary for very little kids or kids that are nervous around dogs, so I would say she would do best in a home with "older children". She is spayed, house-broken (but gets nervous during thunderstorms and may have an accident once in a while), up on all of her shots, and crate-trained.

We are located in SC but are willing to travel some if needed to find Petie the home that is right for her. Please let me know if you can help or if you know anyone that can. (There is no way I am taking her to a shelter and dropping her off.)

Thank you,
Alicia Tucker
864-541-8168 (home)
864-266-8821 (cell)

Listed on Adopt-A-Pet:

Petie's Info:
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier | Color: White - With Brown Or Chocolate
Age: Adult | Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less | Sex: Female ID#: 5700157 | Heartworm NEG, on heartworm preventative meds.

I am already spayed, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and not good with cats.