Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dekalb County, GA: Cinderella needs a fairy tale ending - Look at this precious soul!

Please help save Cinderella! Having recently witnessed the rescue of a beautiful boy named Monk...we know the beauty that is in the heart and body of precious Cinderella (top photo).  She could be his little sister.  Let's help those who are trying to provide healing and rescue for her. She needs a rescue or foster!
A picture is worth a thousand words  Look what a few weeks and a lot of love did for Monk...Please make this same thing happen for Cinderella

Thank you in advance!!  Call me personally 404-307-3501 to help her.  Can you please help me save Cinderella?  She is a very sweet girl and needs a rescue or foster to get her out of the shelter so that she can heal?  We have already started her on Ivermectin for the mange and antibiotics for her skin infections.  She has already made significant improvements in the week she has been at DCAS.


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