Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cary, NC: Little Luna needs a new home!

UPDATE: Luna has a wonderful new home!
Thank you to all who helped this precious little girl.
Precious Luna Needs a loving home. *From B: A friend of mine has a kitten she is fostering and she can't keep anymore. Looking for a loving home. I will donate, pay for spaying, and first shots. I am the contact person. Luna is about three months old. Is going to be spayed soon with vaccinations. Thanks,  Bernie Bumgarner 
Contact: Bernie Bumgarner, C: 9196069888

Thursday, May 19, 2016

San Antonio, TX: Sweet lovable "Blondie" needs a good home asap, tied up on a porch for now.

Living chained up on a porch -- please help Blondie find a good home.
This sweet dog deserves a loving home. Found as a stray wandering the streets. She's being temporarily chained on a porch but they can't keep her much longer. Please don't let her go to the pound or animal shelter, she'll never make it out. "I'm a sweet, lovable dog looking for a forever home. I mind really well...unless I see a kitty. Then my legs take over cause I like chasing cats. They call me Blondie, but you can change my name, I won't mind as long as you love me.
I like taking walks on a lead, and I only bark if I need to. I don't bark a lot like other doggies, so I'm a great guard dog. The people that found me said I might be a bull terrier mix. I'm white and blonde with yellow-green eyes & long blonde eyelashes. 
Right now I'm staying on a porch or driveway, but I have to be tied up. It's not too bad but sometimes I get sad. I'd rather be running and playing and loving my new family. I sure would be happy if you'd call the number listed and leave a message that you want me.
P.S. There's a bonus in it for you...I'll give you extra kisses."

Very gentle, not sure how she is around other dogs or children. If you can help this adorable dog, please call Pam at 210-995-9199 or email

Monday, April 11, 2016

Deer Park, Long Island, NY- TWO Long Haired Brothers***Now Orphans*** Persian Mix, Living in Garage!

Their dad died, now they're living in a garage but soon to lose that! Please help find these boys a good home.

April 11, 2016  Still trying!
*Home Only Please*
Deer Park, Long Island, NY
Contact Me, Trudy  email
ORPHANS Beautiful, Loving and Friendly~ PLEASE Share or Consider Them...Bonded and MUST remain together!

April 9, 2016 
PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE SHARE! They are Homeless Now...Beautiful
Boys and Loving Too!
Long Island, (Deer Park) NY***Long Haired with Golden Eyes***
Two Orphaned Boys...Living in a Garage Now......
These 2 five year young brothers were orphaned when their Dad died...PLEASE HELP!
A nice neighbor tried taking them in but her 2 resident cats were NOT going to have it..2 boys living in garage now AND the family is Moving too... ...they are loving and truly need a loving place to call HOME! Neutered and indoor cats...Long Hair as can be seen...
Please help us to Place these beautiful boys in a Loving Home!
Contact Me, Trudy on fb or email

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Long Island, NY **POLLYANNA** One More TRY!

Thus far NOT even one offer for sweet Pollyanna, Look at those sweet eyes!
******April 1 -- one more try to find this loving girl a good home.
Her story from previous posts:
******March 22
Unfair...Pollyanna has been done wrong...TWICE! Through no fault of her own... After having her family evicted with 8 cats...she was quickly adopted... unfortunately, her adopter did NOT listen to the directives of PROPER INTRODUCTION...the resident kitty was not happy and they adopter was
NOT willing to give it time... So...Pollyanna was ordered OUT......
Sonnia was able to get a very temporary Foster Home...with the understanding
that she would be out by Easter...Thus far NOT even one offer...her foster
states that she is a LOVE!!!
*******March 10 Pollyanna Pollyanna...WE are trying Sweet Girl!
*******March 9
Pollyanna's SAD NEWS...( The Adopter is NOW a DNA...Do Not Adopt)
After coming from a Home in which the family and their 8 cats were
evicted...Pollyanna was one of the FIRST to be adopted...Just look at that
face...sadly, due to improper introduction with the resident cat...the
friction began and never let up...there was NOT enough time given either
way...we've all adopted out cats who had rough starts in their new HOMES due
to one circumstance or another...POLLYANNA Lived with EIGHT cats so we know that she gets along with other really makes us appreciate those who
go the Extra 10 MILES to make their adoptive pets Welcome with Patience and
Understanding...She is only 3 and a very loving girl...look at how relaxed
she was...
We SAVED Her from a KILL SHELTER...We Won't Give Up on Her...

Monday, March 21, 2016

Long Island: 8 yo Lucky hasn't been so lucky lately -- he needs your help to find a new home

His owner passed away, then Lucky lost his eye, and now is losing his new home.... please help this little boy!
Lucky is a darling boy who is just full of sloppy kisses and is never happier than when he is snuggled up getting a belly rub. He is very smart--when it's time for a walk, he brings his mom his leash. He absolutely loves to take walks and his next favorite pastime is to watch TV with his mom. At night, he sleeps at her feet. Lucky has no aggression. He adores other dogs and would love to have a canine companion. Lucky has had some major adjustments lately although he is such an easy going boy you'd never know it. First, earlier last fall, his longtime owner passed away and this poor boy was dumped in a kill shelter by the owner's children. Matted and scared, Lucky was rescued by PAWS.

He was quickly adopted and was happy in a loving new home. At a vet appointment to access his cherry eye, the doctor explained that poor Lucky had a badly infected eye and was likely in a great deal of pain and so PAWS arranged with the vet to have the diseased eye removed. Lucky adjusted well and gets along just fine but now, so sadly, he is losing his new adopter. For personal reasons, she is moving across country and cannot take him along. She is devastated to lose her companion and wants to know he is safe and loved in his new home. Lucky does have some separation anxiety so we are looking for a home with another dog or an adopter who is home a lot.

Contact Marie:

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Smithtown, Long Island NY **TIGGER's OWNER Dying...MUST FIND GOOD HOME...and FAST!

URGENT URGENT URGENT Seeking Home for this Beautiful, FRIENDLY BOY!
Dec 12
Smithtown, Long Island
UPDATE - Tigger's owner was moved to a nursing facility so he has very limited time left in his home.
BEAUTIFUL BOY! Ear Tufts and All...Markings extraordinaire!
Resembles his Long Ago Ancestors...
...Tigger's Owner is Terminally Ill......
Tigger is approx 4yrs old and in urgent need of a forever home. His owner is elderly, terminally ill and no longer able to care for him. She has reached out for help placing him, as she does not want to surrender him to a shelter. Let’s share his story so we could find him a safe haven where he will be loved and cared for. Tigger never lived with dogs or cats. With a slow and proper introduction, he should adjust nicely with other pets since he is so docile. He has been exposed to children and is very gentle and accepting of their affection. Tigger loves to be pet, sit on your lap and even enjoys sleeping in bed. He is handsome and unique looking since he has half a tail. He was originally found as a stray that was hit by a car, treated for minor injuries and has lived indoor only since then.
If you are interested in Tigger, please contact
- 4 years old and VERY Friendly-Neutered
-FeLV/FIV Negative
- Up to Date on Vaccines
- Transport available to an approved adopter in Northeast

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Food Needed for Anne Marie's Colonies. *Tis the Season* Thank You!

Long Island, New York
Food Needed for Anne Marie’s Colonies…Tis the Season
Nov 15, 2015
You may  have received an email from me in May regarding food donations for Anne Marie Buck’s Colonies…thanks to the MANY who donated food…the gratitude never ends…nor does the need for more food.
Six months have passed and with the dumping of more cats added to her 12 colonies…all of which she tests, spays and neuters…she has begun to run low on food for HER furies.
Last winter she ran very low and with the cold weather these babies need to be FED well!
She works 2 jobs, with one day a week off…IF that!
Her days begin at 4AM feeding her colonies…and many nights late after work when she needs to!
She had to have one of the kittens euthanized today due to a congenital issue….her tears broke me up…she takes each and every cat into her heart…of course she does!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….I’d like to do another FOOD Bank for Anne Marie at this time of GIVING….
A kinder, more devoted woman  I’ve yet to meet!
(I am fortunate to know many as kind, I might add!)
If you would like to donate food to Anne Marie’s Colonies here is what she needs:
*Purina Complete ( DRY)
* Any Wet food for cats.
Of course *Gift Cards are WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me…they will go to feeding her cats!
Here is her name and address:
Anne Marie Buck
302  Tracy  Lane
Patchogue, Long Island, 11772

Happy Holidays
With Gratitude,

Friday, October 30, 2015

Forest Hills Queens, NY: Two beautiful SENIOR Sibs, declawed, living alone for TWO Years! House Being Sold Now!

11-8-15 Update:

Heddy Schmidt brought Mopsy and Flopsy in for vetting...the good news is that they ARE healthy...the not so good news is that they are about 14 years old...not 7, as originally thought!

So after living ALONE for TWO years ( only being fed by a kind person) they are truly desperate to find a HOME!
They will NEVER survive  a shelter...NEVER!

Please Contact Heddy Schmidt if you can even foster these two to save them...
HEDDY: 917-609-7810 OR EMAIL:

Oct 29
Forest Hills Queens NY

Owner died 2 years ago-these cats have been alone since then-home being sold now!! Located in Queens and will go to NYACC if taken!

2 cats in need of adoption/loving home. A brother and a sister from same litter-Topsy and Mopsy about 10/11 years old. Declawed. One colored like an orange creamsicle and one is black/gray/white combo.

Cats have 
been living together in home with owner all their life. Owner, a nice elderly lady who always cared for cats, died 2 yrs ago and they have been living in isolated rooms (now basement) of house ever since as home has been updated to sell.
House has been sold recently and now time is of essence to find these beautiful cats a loving home. The new owner will likely put these poor sweeties out on the street or into kill shelter.

They are very sweet/loving, spry & energetic cats, yet understandably a little shy/fearful lately, as they've been alone virtually for two years since owner died.
A friend has 
been going to the home every day for two years to feed.

Cats appear to be in good health, though no updates on medical since owner passed. Person taking care of cats to feed says will pay if any needed medical expenses.
Please help these delicious (owner's words :)) cats to find a forever loving home. They need to stay together.

Cats located in Forest Hills, Queens. Near Forest Hills High School.
67th Ave/ btwn 108th st & 110th st.

EDDIE: 347-956-1511
HEDDY: 917-609-7810