Saturday, April 2, 2016

Long Island, NY **POLLYANNA** One More TRY!

Thus far NOT even one offer for sweet Pollyanna, Look at those sweet eyes!
******April 1 -- one more try to find this loving girl a good home.
Her story from previous posts:
******March 22
Unfair...Pollyanna has been done wrong...TWICE! Through no fault of her own... After having her family evicted with 8 cats...she was quickly adopted... unfortunately, her adopter did NOT listen to the directives of PROPER INTRODUCTION...the resident kitty was not happy and they adopter was
NOT willing to give it time... So...Pollyanna was ordered OUT......
Sonnia was able to get a very temporary Foster Home...with the understanding
that she would be out by Easter...Thus far NOT even one offer...her foster
states that she is a LOVE!!!
*******March 10 Pollyanna Pollyanna...WE are trying Sweet Girl!
*******March 9
Pollyanna's SAD NEWS...( The Adopter is NOW a DNA...Do Not Adopt)
After coming from a Home in which the family and their 8 cats were
evicted...Pollyanna was one of the FIRST to be adopted...Just look at that
face...sadly, due to improper introduction with the resident cat...the
friction began and never let up...there was NOT enough time given either
way...we've all adopted out cats who had rough starts in their new HOMES due
to one circumstance or another...POLLYANNA Lived with EIGHT cats so we know that she gets along with other really makes us appreciate those who
go the Extra 10 MILES to make their adoptive pets Welcome with Patience and
Understanding...She is only 3 and a very loving girl...look at how relaxed
she was...
We SAVED Her from a KILL SHELTER...We Won't Give Up on Her...

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