Sunday, November 15, 2015

Food Needed for Anne Marie's Colonies. *Tis the Season* Thank You!

Long Island, New York
Food Needed for Anne Marie’s Colonies…Tis the Season
Nov 15, 2015
You may  have received an email from me in May regarding food donations for Anne Marie Buck’s Colonies…thanks to the MANY who donated food…the gratitude never ends…nor does the need for more food.
Six months have passed and with the dumping of more cats added to her 12 colonies…all of which she tests, spays and neuters…she has begun to run low on food for HER furies.
Last winter she ran very low and with the cold weather these babies need to be FED well!
She works 2 jobs, with one day a week off…IF that!
Her days begin at 4AM feeding her colonies…and many nights late after work when she needs to!
She had to have one of the kittens euthanized today due to a congenital issue….her tears broke me up…she takes each and every cat into her heart…of course she does!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….I’d like to do another FOOD Bank for Anne Marie at this time of GIVING….
A kinder, more devoted woman  I’ve yet to meet!
(I am fortunate to know many as kind, I might add!)
If you would like to donate food to Anne Marie’s Colonies here is what she needs:
*Purina Complete ( DRY)
* Any Wet food for cats.
Of course *Gift Cards are WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me…they will go to feeding her cats!
Here is her name and address:
Anne Marie Buck
302  Tracy  Lane
Patchogue, Long Island, 11772

Happy Holidays
With Gratitude,