Thursday, May 19, 2016

San Antonio, TX: Sweet lovable "Blondie" needs a good home asap, tied up on a porch for now.

Living chained up on a porch -- please help Blondie find a good home.
This sweet dog deserves a loving home. Found as a stray wandering the streets. She's being temporarily chained on a porch but they can't keep her much longer. Please don't let her go to the pound or animal shelter, she'll never make it out. "I'm a sweet, lovable dog looking for a forever home. I mind really well...unless I see a kitty. Then my legs take over cause I like chasing cats. They call me Blondie, but you can change my name, I won't mind as long as you love me.
I like taking walks on a lead, and I only bark if I need to. I don't bark a lot like other doggies, so I'm a great guard dog. The people that found me said I might be a bull terrier mix. I'm white and blonde with yellow-green eyes & long blonde eyelashes. 
Right now I'm staying on a porch or driveway, but I have to be tied up. It's not too bad but sometimes I get sad. I'd rather be running and playing and loving my new family. I sure would be happy if you'd call the number listed and leave a message that you want me.
P.S. There's a bonus in it for you...I'll give you extra kisses."

Very gentle, not sure how she is around other dogs or children. If you can help this adorable dog, please call Pam at 210-995-9199 or email