Friday, July 1, 2011

EXTRA URGENT!!!! Two DARLING Puppies (American Bulldog Mix and Pitty)!! must be rescued by this weekend!

WHO AM I? I'm so little, I don't know my name, but her name is Casey. We love to play and will be real good.They said we don't have much time left. Can we come play at your house? Will you help us both find a family?

Name: unknown A353897 - Male; American Bulldog mix puppy; Color: black/white; Age: 3 months; 11 lbs; shots UTD
Name: Casey A353471 - Female; Pit puppy; Color: tan/white; Age: 3 months; Special note: , left eye corneal scar, possibly blind in that eye, shots UTD
WHERE ARE WE? PG County Animal Control, Upper Marlboro, MD   HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact: Dina Howard at  301-780-7226 PLEASE NETWORK THIS LISTING: one click may make the difference of a lifetime! NO CRAIGSLIST PLEASE!

THEY CURRENTLY HAVE OVER 200 DOGS. Due to the lack of space and the ban on pits in PG County (you can not own one at all if you live there), the pits are the first to be PTS. This means the puppies MUST find rescue this weekend!!

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