Tuesday, December 27, 2011

KY - Kasey needs your help to get much needed vet procedures


CHIPIN: http://cockerrescue.chipin.com/kaseys-eye-surgery

HIS STORY: *From Kim - Kasey has made it to his temp foster here in KY, he goes in on the 21st to get his eye surgery, ears flushed, thyroid checked, neuter, and a dental as well. This poor boy is getting the works and he deserves it. When he arrived he was just as bad off as the pictures show, we have new pictures that will be posted asap, he is as sweet as can be and loves other dogs and people, he listens very well. So far we have started to treat his eye infection and ears, also his dry eye. We feel that his cherry eyes and eye infection are causing Kasey to have trouble seeing sometimes so we are hoping that it will be better once he has had his surgery. Also his skin looks good but he is still missing hair and was itching like crazy we have treated him with revoluntion and he seems to be doing better so we suspect that it was dog lice, that was the only thing he hadn't been treated for at the vets, he had dips and baths and ivermectin but nothing else. Since putting this on him his itching has gone down 90% along with good food, and baths.

If you can donate towards Kasey please do so, he was found as a stray and was brought to the vet clinic in Nashville SC/NC and was treated barely and left to live in this state since August. We hope that now that he is with a wonderful rescue he will get the care he needs but in order to make that happen we need your help, it's hard for any rescue to take dogs like this much less right now with the economy. Every dollar counts and Kasey needs your help. Cherished Cockers is a 501c3, as well as Heart to Heart your donations are tax deductable.

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