Friday, December 23, 2011

Cottageville WV: Begging for Lucy's life SPONSORED/FREE to rescue, but out of time!

SHE HAS SPONSORSHIP AND TRANSPORTATION, BUT HER TIME IS UP NOW. Please don't let LUCY die for Christmas! WHO IS SHE? She looks like an Anatolian Shepherd/Yellow Lab but is listed as a lab/mastiff; 45 lbs, so not huge, small for a lab. LUCY loves kids (lived with them) and is good with other dogs.  We've got sponsor offers, so she's free to rescue.  She's already spayed and can be held with rescue commitment until the January 7 transport to northeastern states, so you don't even need to worry about trying to squeeze her in over the holidays. Her only issue is she's not good with cats, so she needs a cat free foster/forever home. The shelter is very small with only 12 kennels. They try desperately not to kill for space, but sadly lots of people dump their animals right before the holidays so space is always at a premium this time of year.

WHERE IS SHE? Cottageville WV
HOW CAN YOU HELP HER? Please contact Dreama/Bobbie at TODAY if you can save Lucy.

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