Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Islip Long Island*** Five Kitties Raised from Birth Going to Islip Shelter on WED***

24 Hours Left...
Going to give this a Blessed TRY...There Before the Grace of G-D go I...
Long Island NY Islip Area   ~ Oct 13 ****ANOTHER SAD CASE*** All We Can Do Is TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Please contact Angie 631-901-6149 OR redheadmom1103@aol.com
*From T: I just got an email from a lovely woman named ANGIE regarding her financial emergency and the fact that she needs to take her 5 cats, who she has raised since Kitten Hood, to the Islip Shelter tomorrow if a foster cannot be found: Here is her note...

"I'm hoping you can help me. I was given your email as a contact to see if you can help me find safe and loving homes for my 5 cats. I'm in a financial situation where I have to move from my apartment by 10/28 and can't bring my cats with my while I get back On my feet. I've been calling and leaving notices with anyone I can think of. I've had them from birth and am devastated to lose them but I have no choice. Is there anything you can do to help me? I got approved from Islip animal shelter to take them Wednesday but now am hearing that they are not a good place to leave them. I'm facing having to put them to sleep if I can't find homes for them. Please call me at 631-901-6149 if you have any connections. They've all been raised together and are extremely bonded. Thank you "

Thank to anyone who can weigh in here for Angie and her 5 cats! I am dancing as fast as I can but just could NOT turn away from this...another sad case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please contact Angie 631-901-6149 OR redheadmom1103@aol.com

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