Thursday, January 1, 2015

★★ Long Island, NY** Young Irish Wolfie Mix Needs a Chance at Life...Given up for inconvenience...She needs Surgery NOW!!! ★★

Jan 1, 2015
★★ Big news about our girl Butchie (now Tara). She has seen a specialist
and is ready for surgery to correct her incontinence! We really need to
rally for her and raise the funds. Please help us to give Tara the chance at
a Happy and Pain Free Life. Together we can do this for her! ★★

Tara was relinquished to
> Road to Home Rescue Support when her owners decided to euthanize
her, after having had her for over 5 years. She had incontinence issues
since she was a puppy but they never looked into helping her. Instead they
decided that it was time to end her life when their baby was born. They kept
her in a small diaper which was never changed. When she got to our vet, she
had a severe infection and was covered with sores. After trying different
medications, which didn’t work, we brought her to a specialist for a
consult. She appears to have a congenital issue which can be fixed with
surgery. Tara is an unbelievably sweet and gentle dog. She was in boarding
for months and now has been with a wonderful foster, who adores her. Tara
has been having recurring infections which are now causing her great
discomfort. She has been to the Animal Medical Center for a consult and will
require a procedure called Cystoscopy- guided Laser Ablation. We are in
desperate need of funds so Tara can have her surgery and live a life without
pain or discomfort. Ever dollar will get us closer to making this a reality!

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