Monday, November 24, 2014

Rome, GA: Peter knows that his time is short - PLEASE save him

12-26-14:  Happy Update!  Peter was pulled and is safe in a foster home.  If you are interested in giving him a "furever" home, contact information is below. 

GENEROUS SPONSOR offering $285 towards the rescue of this Precious Boy !! PLEADING for help !! "Peter" is on the TOP 5 on the LIST TO DIE !!!

*From Ronda: We have the most Adorable boy here with the Sweetest personality. He has no name, just an ID number, so I named him "Peter"...he's a Saint !!  We just Love him !! Unfortunately, this IS a Kill shelter and dogs, puppies, cats and kittens DO die here by the dozens. Peter can sense this, he knows, he's heard, he's witnessed.

When a volunteer took him out for pictures and to spend time with him, Peter was happy, nuzzling into everyone, wagging his tail, playing with the other dogs, just showing everyone HOW GREAT HE IS !! BUT, as they were returning to the building, Peter started to cry, he slowed down his walking, kept getting slower and slower until he wouldn't walk anymore. When the volunteer got him close to the door, Peter sank to the floor and was just FROZEN in FEAR !!

PETER IS BEGGING FOR HIS LIFE, he KNOWS this is NOT a good place to be !! PLEASE HELP HIM !! PLEASE don't let them do EXACTLY what he is fearing -- for them to TO KILL HIM

Peter is a lab / hound mix and is maybe a year and a half to 2 yrs old. He is PERFECT, he loves other dogs, is gentle, great on a leash, what more could you ask for ??

#2048 "Peter""$285 sponsor labrador / hound ? mix__ male-_
SO SWEET -- get this GREAT boy OUT of here please !! __ !!
Peter SANK to the floor, Janie is trying to lift him back up to his feet...WE'RE BEGGING FOR SOMEONE TO SAVE HIS LIFE !!
You CAN rescue if you're out of state - there ARE volunteers who will help run them out of the building to safety - there ARE vets and boarding places nearby, there ARE transporters that leave GA every week - you CAN make arrangements to get them to you !!

just Please, Please say that you have room in your heart and home for them. You will not regret it

Please contact all parties below, so no one misses an offer: 

in the subject line of the email 

! (706) 506-3611
and (704) 288-7272 - you can text me too !
Poor babies are located here :
Floyd County Animal Control
Rome, GA

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