Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ridge Long Island...Two Cats...Chloe and Suki lost human mom and their home

12-26-14:  She got her wish...Chloe and Suki are together in a new home!

Dying Woman's Wish Was To Find a Home for her Two Cats...Chloe and Suki

Update: Nov 15 *We now have an $800 Sponsorship for an APPROVED, HOME VISITED, PERMANENT HOME for SUKI and CHLOE!!!

Nov 14** Praying We Can Keep These Sad Girls Out of a No Win Shelter Now...
*From T: From a Friend of mine: "Tara's neighbor with whom she was very close , a woman in her 50's, sadly died unexpectedly last week and before she did she left a letter in Tara's mailbox entrusting her two kitties in Tara's care as her last dying wish. Although riddled with grief Tara cannot keep the girls.. She asked for my help in trying to find them homes. Here is what Tara sent me... "Chloe is the one under the bed. She is about 11 years old. The other one is Suki. She is part Siamese and about 7 years old.
....Both girls, are spayed, healthy and utd in shots. As per Tara "these cats were this woman's life". They never went outside...strictly indoors."

Tara's email is

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