Tuesday, November 19, 2013

*Pensacola, FL: Out of Options and Totally On Our Knees!

11-21-13 She has a foster!
Precious stray will have to face the shelter tomorrow unless rescue steps up, please help us!! 

Beautiful, sweet girl, house trained, perfect with other dogs and loves people, Pitties are always the ones who get the raw deals although they are the best and sweetest dogs, and great companions and family members. Please help this girl before she goes to a kill shelter THROUGH NO FAULT OF HER OWN and gets killed. Please make contacts and help, we cannot live with this girl getting killed for lack of help.

CONTACT IS: Kelly Wieczorek kellyuf@gmail.com

Help, last chance!! I've posted before but am out of options. I found this sweet girl in my yard a few weeks ago, took her to the shelter, and then picked her up when she was going to be euthanized. I picked her up hoping someone could take her but everyone has backed out so far and I am running out of options. She is a pit, approximately 5 years old, very sweet, potty-trained, and knows a few tricks but I have an old little dog at home that has become very aggressive towards her and I don't trust them together. The pit just gives her kisses in response but I don't want my dog to push her, and we don't have the house or a fenced-in yard capable for such a dog.My husband has been working from home since last week to take care of her but leaves on a business trip Wednesday so if I don't find a home by tomorrow she will have to go back to the shelter. I did get her shots on Saturday but she tested slightly positive for heartworms. I am willing to help pay for the heartworm treatment if someone will take her in. Please help if you are able. kellyuf@gmail.com

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