Sunday, November 17, 2013

OZONE PARK, QUEENS, NY: A desperate plea from a fellow rescuer!

A Fellow rescuer is being forced to move and leave many outdoor cats that have come to depend on her. She's begging for help with feeding or relocating these precious animals.
*From a concerned animal lover: I have been in touch with a LOVELY, KIND, DEDICATED woman for about 3 years now...she lives in Ozone Park, Queens and feeds MANY, MANY, MANY cats outdoors...they are fixed!
Mary has NO ONE to help her feed now as her ONE &n ONLY helper is not well and cannot continue...IF ANYONE LIVES NEAR OZONE PARK, QUEENS or knows someone who does...PLEASE contact Mary Rossello
She is truly DESPERATE and I fear for her health now...and these kitties have come to depend on their meals…

This is the note I received tonight: Nov 16
"Trudy I'm in trouble here. Big trouble. I need help desperately with feeding. I'm spending over $1000 a month on cat food and now my 75 year old co feeder is done. She can't continue. I don't have another cent to give to buy any more food or time to feed anymore cats than I already do. These poor babies depend on us. She helps feed 3 nites a week 9 cats. It's too much for her. I’m in trouble. I'm in terrible debt and need to move away because this house is being sold. Have to find someone around here to take over at that house. If you have any contacts on Facebook please do ask out there for these beautiful cats who need help. I'm in so much trouble here. I'm barely Getting to work on time. I can't go out anymore at night or on vacations and I'm worn out and my health is failing all for these cats. I've lost friends and family doesn’t understand. And most of all I am financially ruined. So if you can reach out somehow but I know no one will want to do this. I've tried to get help with just one nite and no one would. This is a terrible prison I'm in here because I love the cats. God help us with this. Thanks for any help you can reach out for. They are all gorgeous sweet cats.”

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