Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lake City, FL: Emily...Her body is crippled, but her spirit soars

Emily has been Rescued by The Little Guild of Saint Francis

This precious blonde bundle of love is Emily.  She has a physical challenge, but shhh...don't tell her that.  As far as she is concerned, all that she is missing is a family to love. She's running out of time at the shelter Let's help find her family

The rescue coordinator for the Lake City Humane Society, in Lake City, Fla., is pleading for help for an exceptionally sweet dog who was picked up as a stray back on Oct. 16.

The dog, dubbed "Emily," is crippled; initially, the facility employees believed that Emily had been struck by a car, but after an exam by a veterinary technician, it appears that Emily may have been born with the disability.
Debra Ludwig, the rescue coordinator for the shelter, stated:
"Her rear legs are bowed in at the knees and she can not walk properly although it does not slow her down much. She does not appear to be in pain and is very loving.
We are a small county shelter and do not have to means for a complete vet workup and proper care for this girl.
She is in need of a rescue who can take her in and provide her proper care and evaluate her legs to see what is needed for her."
The hold time is up for this sweet dog and now she desperately
 needs a rescue organization to take her in.

Per the shelter staff, Emily is sweet and quiet and gets along well with other dogs. (Just look at her picture - that says it all.)  Anyone who can help is asked to email: and reference ID# A21279713.

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