Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Brookfield, CT Another Elderly Woman's Animals Facing a Kill Shelter...

Left alone in the house since the beginning of summer, a sweet dog named Valentine and her 4 kitty siblings may be sent to a kill shelter because human Mom was sent to a nursing home... read their story below

Oct 30, 2013 Brookfield, CT

*From T: I received an email from Reesa two days ago regarding 4 cats and a dog about to be taken to ACC In Connecticut…Yet Another story of an elderly person having to leave her beloved pets behind while her “devoted” grandson wanted NOTHING to do with them other than dump them into a KILL Shelter…We talked and decided it was WELL worth a TRY to find HOMES for them before resorting to the grandson’s choice. (All the while knowing that we might have to do just that if HOMES were not found).

Reesa took the 4 cats (photos below) and the dog from the HOME today and brought them to her vet for check-ups and combo testing. $750 that Reesa had no intentions of spending during these hard economic times was been spent today to save these precious, innocent animals…We PRAY they won’t have to be taken to the ACC where they will surely be killed. Two blackies a Tabby and a Tiger….the usual…

Our Search Begins here…
A Little Background:  This dog, VALENTINE, and the 4 cats were left ALONE in a cold, abandoned house without electricity since the beginning of the summer. It is getting to be very cold and even colder inside the house. The grandmother was put is in a nursing home one year ago. The grandson who does not live far away feels he was "guilted" into caring for them and goes to the house occasionally to care for them. He does not like animals. There is garbage all over the house. It is a total mess with everything all over the place and cat/dog food and waste. Another disappointing story of the elderly having NO ONE to count on…A growing epidemic.

VALENTINE is a female beagle/ black lab mix about 5 years young. She was abused as a puppy. She is a very affectionate loving dog starved for attention. She gets along well with people and cats and other dogs. She has been fed a cat food diet because she is left in the house not monitored with the cat's food out. She’s a little chunky…

About the 4 cats: They are all under five yrs old. They are all neutered or spayed. They are friendly. They were all combo tested and are negative!3

NICK: male, is gray/white and very friendly.
BLACKIE: is male and a big, VERY friendly boy.
BAMBI: female, is black, a pure sweetheart, and is Blackie's offspring.
JONIE: female, is a gray and black tabby, also very gentle.

VETTING UPDATE: Oct 29, 2013
Excellent news, all of the cats are FIV and FeLV negative. Vet said they are in general good health. He treated them for fleas. One has tapeworm. The dog was also treated for fleas and she is being given antibiotics for Lyme and anaplasmosis. Vet stated that she should be fine.

“It's amazing that all of the animals are Super Sweet with great dispositions considering what they have been through. They are stressed but are relatively calm and are very good with people and were great at the vet too.”
NOW to Find HOMES for 4 Kitties and a Doggie…They Do NOT have to be ADOPTED Together…HOMES for ALL is Our DREAM…


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