Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ozark, Alabama - Dog thrown into trunk on way to pound!! - Rescuer can't keep!! - Needs help NOW!!

SAFE! Rescued and possible adoption in the works! 
This is an urgent plea for help... the picture says it all. Share, crosspost, whatever you can do to help find this little dog a loving home after suffering at the hands of her previous family.

*From M:  Contact me at: (at if you can help, and PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!

Today when I was out trying to catch the mom and puppy I have been trying for, for over a month, a white dumpy car approached me and asked if I wanted a 'yard dog'. I told them I could help try to find a home for the dog if they would text me a photo. He said no, they were on the way to the pound now cause 'we ain't got time for her no more'. I saw no dog in the car and said that..... he proceeded to jump out and pop the CAR TRUNK. This poor skinny baby girl was huddled in the corner with her too tight collar tied up with a metal cable and a padlock around her little neck, crawling with fleas, sores on her ears, but still so hopeful for a little love that she crawled into my arms wagging her little tail. I got her a bowl of food and she ate two bowls ravenously before coming up for air (they said they feed her as much as she wants but 'she never gains weight'.

I am bathing her poor dust logged body tonight (they said she digs holes to lie in cause they can't afford her a dog house), & am taking her to vet for shots an worming and check in the morning....... but she needs a rescue or foster immediately.

My husbands mother had a massive stroke in England, and we will be going over there sometime next week probably, and need her a place urgently. Can any good rescue or foster help?????? She is so precious and very petite/small.

She may have some food aggression because when the little boy who owns her went to take her bowl from her she growled a little, but is fine with kids when no food is threatened to be taken from her.

Please, please help!!!

Contact me at: if you can help, and PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!!!

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