Friday, November 8, 2013

Stone Mtn, GA $1,000.sponsor UNBELIEVABLE ABUSE & NEGLECT (Rope around neck)

UPDATE:  This dog was caught on Wed 11-6 and is at Gwinnett County AC. The man that has the property the dog was either dumped on or ran away to, who called AC after he and his staff couldn't get near the scared baby without him running, has pledged $1,000 to the reputable rescue that saves him and properly cares for him. Please share for that rescue as well as additional pledges as this dog will not only need good and no doubt costly vet treatment and time with behavioral experts as he/she? is terrified of people given the likelihood this was a bait dog. According to article dog needs out by Nov 12. 

Hope then despair -- the images show it all. Please help this neglected dog find the loving home that he deserves. Urgent situation.
We only have limited information. If you have questions or would like to help, please contact Mr. Tobias at his email listed below. This needs to be handled discreetly so that the animal doesn't suffer. Do NOT contact unless you can help save this dog. Please don't leave negative comments or replies. We don't want this post to backfire and wind up hurting this precious dog or the person who is trying to help him.


Nov 6, 2013: "He has a rope around his neck and injuries. Animal Control came out this morning but was unable to apprehend him. He ate all the food, drank water and slept on blanket where he still lays.

One of our employees almost has him comfortable enough to come close. I will pay $500 if you all could come get him and take care of him to prepare him for adoption to a good home. Any suggestions?"
Jeffrey L. Tobias, CEO
The Potter's House Family and Children Treatment Center Inc

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