Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A woman is losing her life and now must find homes for her 200 beloved cats. Crosspost, share, help in anyway you can - this is NOT a hoarding situation.

*From Siglinda:  For those who are not familiar with this situation, this is Lica, a woman in Turkey, North Carolina (near Clinton, NC) who is battling cancer and who we just learned has gone back to the hospital today, so time is of the essence. This is not a hoarding situation, these cats have been well taken care of and they are healthy. 

Dear all,  We are ready to start pulling Lica's cats ( The 200 cat situation): We can only attach a few pictures due to our server size, but we have pics of all the catsdescribed below. If you would like to see other pics, please email me the name of the cats and I will send them! We will have more to list shortly, but this is a good start.

This woman is a wonderful person, She is losing her life and her cats that are her life! Her cats are all S/N, vaccinated, de-wormed and cared for like babies, and the cats are healthy except a few with a mild URI. I am helping her, with a friend, to put together all the info and photos of each cat so we can help her find good homes and rescue Organizations who will care for her cats as she would. PLEASE help find good homes and Organizations that can take the cats and care for them, they are her heart and we need to make sure they are going to good places! I will send photos and all the information so we ALL can help her and the cats.

THANK YOU for all your great work and your big hearts!! Please contact us if you can help and cross-post widely!! 
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The Goathouse Refuge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing cage-free care for cats regardless of age, medical issues or disposition until a permanent loving adoptive home can be found. Visiting Hours: Noon to 3:30 pm, every day of the year  |  680 Alton Alston Rd, Pittsboro, NC 27312 • 919-542-6815

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