Saturday, May 11, 2013

TEXAS: Emergency Help Needed for Texas Pitties and Potbelly Piggies and their caregiver

Another dedicated and selfless rescuer asking for nothing more than to protect the animals and continue to save more. Out of the blue, the property he has been leasing is being sold and he has less than two months to find a replacement so that the animals he has healed and nurtured will remain in a secure and safe environment until they go to their forever homes. Read on for the full story and contact information. Ideas, leads and if you can, donations can keep this "family" together and safe so Tyler can continue his mission of rescue those others ignore. FACEBOOK PAGE LINK
***If anyone has property or knows of anyone around San Antonio I am desperately trying to find a safe place for us to go. I have 53 days to find something!! Many of the animals in my care are special needs and/or having been horribly abused** I need a property with no zoning or regulations***
  IN HIS OWN WORDS: Almost 2 years ago I relocated to Texas from San Diego, CA. My company relocated so rather than taking a voluntary lay off and being unemployed I chose to relocate with the company and take a substantial pay cut. I have been gainfully employed with the company for 6 years and prior to accepting the position I was employed for several years with another company.

I moved here with my 5 dogs to a great home in Devine, TX where I have leased the property for nearly 2 years and was agreed verbally that it would not be sold for some time. I invested over $4,000
(all of my savngs ) in fencing and other necessities to make it a safe place for my animals and the animals that I have rescued since being in Texas. I was left some money when my mom passed away, I donated a large portion to other rescues and animals in need as well as using it for my own animals.
I was told last month by the landlord that she wants to sell the property and my lease expires on July 1st, 2013, not leaving much time to find something for my animals and myself. I have always paid my rent on time and have never been late. The sudden urgency to sell the house is beyond my control.

I am not eligible for a USDA loan or any grants. I make too much as the government sees it and my...
"bill to debt ratio" is not high enough to qualify on my own for a home loan which is why 20-30% is needed down would, make the mortgage/insurance and tax on a manufactured home/land about $800 a month which I can easily pay.

I have been trying every thing to find something to no avail. I live, work and breathe for the animals in my care. I, myself, live on bare necessities to take care of them.I could live in a shack somewhere but I have 5 dogs of my own, 2 foster dogs, 3 potbelly pigs & a foster potbelly pig and some with special needs.

My last ditch effort is to try to get the funding needed for a down payment--20-30% to purchase property that has no zoning, restrictions or HOA. I have checked houses for lease and no lifestock allowed or livestock permitted except for hogs/swine. I have several real estate agents looking for lease options. Check multiple online websites daily to no avail. I have 7 *bully breed* type dogs they too are being discriminated against. 

I placed an article this week to try to rehome/adopt out 2 potbelly pigs and received an email that they would like to have them for free to bbq. I can not even begin to express how that made me feel. I immediately pulled the ad. It was a crushing blow.

This page has more information and photos

**The purpose of this fundraiser is not to enrich myself by any means. The goal is a safe place for the animals in my care and a long term goal of creating space for other animals in need whether it be dogs or farm animals. Purchasing a property would allow me to do this so they will never be displaced.
**Thank you in advance for considering my plea. If 300 people donate $100 or 600 people donate $50 that would reach the goal for the property I have identified that would be a secure placement. BUT no amount is too small. Please consider helping me to help my family of pets......Tyler Nasise***

Contact info for any questions directly to Tyler Nasise:

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