Tuesday, May 14, 2013

*Northport, Long Island, NY: Mr. Bundles living on the end of a chain in squalid conditions

5-16-13 SAFE!!!! Many thanks to North Shore Animal Rescue in Long Island for taking him.
These pictures tell the story no words can convey. This brave, stoic and regal dog has been living this way for a very long time. Always grateful for any attention, any small scrap of food or a simple creature comfort...he belongs with someone who can show him that someone does care. Please search your heart and find him a home.
Mr. Bundles .... He needs a foster or a home..medical expenses will be paid. Please help him. Mr. Bundles is living outside in a pitiful yard. His owner is in a mental institution. Her family
does not care for him. He has never been inside, never been to a vet. He did have a friend, Duke, but he was taken out of there by this nice lady, but she can't take Mr. Bundles.

She is pregnant and does not have the funds to take him to the vet for care. But his medical care will be paid. Duke had heartworm problem and we believe so does Mr. Bundles. This nice lady feeds him twice a day and drives each way 30 min to feed him b/c the owner's family doesn't. She just bought him an igloo. He has always slept in the rain, snow and hot sun.

Please, if anyone can help him,  contact remikisser@aol.com

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