Saturday, February 4, 2012

*NASHVILLE TN: Dog has lived alone in a back yard for 2 years! Please help him find a loving home.

8-14-12: Guess who stole his rescue angel's heart? "
I actually was able to keep Harley and he has been spayed and is one of the happiest dogs around!!  Lisa" 

Sweet Harley has been living alone in a backyard his entire life and now his owner has moved and can't take him.
WHO IS HE? This is a great dog that is 2 years old, he is a mix and is not fixed, His name is "Harley" he has lived in fenced in yard his entire life. Harley is great with small dogs and children. "He is a big baby so playful." He is in need of a good home. Elderly owner had to move in with family who are at their max with 3 dogs already. Owner listed  him on Craig's list not realizing what the outcome can be. Please help us find Harley the home he deserves.
WHERE IS HE? Nashville, Tennessee
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Lisa at 931-224-1099 or

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