Wednesday, May 4, 2011


SAFE!! FOSTERED WHO ARE WE?  CHAD AND CHET When we were delivered to this shelter we were terribly frightened, so we cowered and hid under the lobby chairs. We haven't had much of a chance in life, because we spent most of our lives (between 9 months and a year) in a cage.  I'm (Chad) more black in color while my brother Chet is more brown. We weigh between 60-70 pounds and need some special love and training. We'd really like a chance at life out of a cage!  UPDATE: IN A SHORT TIME CHAD AND CHET HAVE ALLOWED (AND ENJOYED) HUMAN CONTACT! CHAD WILL GIVE KISSES AND PLAY BALL. THESE ARE GREAT DOGS WHO HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED ALL THEIR LIVES. ALL THEY NEED IS LOVE AND PATIENCE WHERE ARE WE? Cottageville, West Virginia  

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