Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Antioch, TN: Peanut, sweet recovering doxie needs new home

8-14-12:  Peanut had his surgery and is doing much better, but now his mom is facing her own surgery and finally has to find another home for her boy. 

This from Debbie: 
“Once again I need help with my Peanuter!!!. I am at the point where I need to find a home for him.  I cannot stand seeing him in his pen in my kitchen any longer with the long hours I work.  He is getting around fine. He takes a couple steps and drops and drags.   I think he is actually ok with this.  He still has hardly no control of his pee and poopeven though seems to be getting somewhat better.  This is why I have to keep him locked up in the pen in the kitchen.  It is really driving me crazy seeing him confined like this.  I know anyone that would take him would have a better set up than me and take alot more time with him.  At this point I think I am being selfish for keeping him.  I have taken him to acupuncture 5 times and Dr. still has hope for him getting control back.  She says those nerves can take a long long time to heal that sends the message to his brain that he has to poop!!!!  Please put this out there for me because at this point I feel like I have done all that I am capable of doing and I want Peanut to have someone with him that will love him and take better care of him than me.  I am scheduled for reverse total shoulder replacement September 13th.   After this surgery my doctor says I cannot lift over 5 lbs. which means I cannot lift Peanut to care for him.  I have steps I have to carry him down to take him outside so the surgery means he won't even get to go outside anymore.  And it will be impossible for me to bathe him or anything.    I love you guys for all the help and support you have given to me and Peanut. I just want him to have a good home. He's so precious.  Debbie
Read the about their journey until now.

  UPDATE Sunday, Mar 11: Peanut and Debbie thank you!
Thanks to all of your support, crossposting, donations and prayers, Peanut's surgery fund has grown. We are close, but the surgery may be postponed unless Debbie can work a miracle tomorrow.

"Peanut and I still are patiently waiting for his surgery!! I have delayed the surgery till Monday since funds are not there yet. Everybody has been so supportive and we appreciate it so much. I am praying the vet's office is getting donations because mine seem to have slowed down. Whatever money I have Monday I am gonna beg the vet to take payments on the remaining. He will have a hard time getting me and Peanut out of that office if he doesn't do it!!!!........lol............we love each and everyone of you and keep your fingers crossed that more donations will roll in before Monday..........will keep you posted!"

While we were are scrambling to get this done, the original Chip In deadline snuck up on us. It has been renewed in the hope that more donations combined with those called in to the vet will make this happen.

UPDATE 3-9-12: "Surgery Monday, Mar 12!!!
Peanut and I still patiently waiting for his surgery!! I have delayed the surgery till Monday since funds are not there yet. Everybody has been so supportive and we appreciate it so much. I am praying the vet's office is getting donations because mine seem to have slowed down. Whatever money I have Monday I am gonna beg the vet to take payments on the remaining. He will have a hard time getting me and Peanut out of that office if he doesn't do it!!!!........lol............we love each and everyone of you and keep your fingers crossed that more donations will roll in before Monday..........will keep you posted!!!" ~ DEBBIE

If you prefer to make your donation directly to the veterinary hospital where Peanut will have his surgery, here is the contact information.  Just let them know it is for Peanut and Debbie Witt:

Animal Medical Center
234 River Rock Boulevard
Murfreesboro, TN  37128
Phone:  615-867-7575
Fax:  615-867-7028 

MARCH 5th UPDATE:  Peanut's Trip to orthopedic surgeon:  "Ok all you angels out there.  I took Peanut to his appt with the orthopedic surgeon today.  Dr Newman feels like there is a 80 percent chance of peanut walking again with the surgery.  He also said he feels he will stay as is without the surgery.  80 percent is a good enough chance for the surgery in my eyes.  Now the big problem.  The surgery will cost 2800.00 which I do not have.  If I don't raise the money for the surgery I will have to foster Peanut out in hopes that whoever has him will be able to get the surgery for him.  Dr. Newman says he can do the surgery Friday if I raise the money.  I have to do another chipin so I will know I have done all I can possible do.  That is alot of money and if I had it I would pay it today without any second thoughts.  I am praying for my boy right now and hope everybody that has been so helpful and caring over the past 9 weeks will donate what they can for my Peanut.  One day I plan to pay forward all this help people have given me.  Any clues that anyone has that will help me with the chipin and get it to all the sites that will be helpful..............Thanks to everyone of you and please keep your fingers crossed for my Peanut.........................Bless all of you...............
Debbie and Peanut

2-24-12 Still no feeling in his back legs :(
Little Peanut hasn’t regained any feelings in his back legs. Debbie wants to do whatever is necessary to make sure he has every chance of regaining his ability to walk. No matter what happens, there are so many people in his corner rooting for him and offering to help Debbie take care of him. However, more funds are needed to help pay for additional vet visits and surgery. Please help little Peanut. Every dollar will go towards his recovery. Please share this story with anyone you think can help.

*FROM DEBBIE: I returned from my trip Wednesday night and went and got my Peanut from the vet yesterday. Everyone at the vets had fallen in love with him!!! Peanut has not regained any of the feelings in his back legs I'm sorry to say. Dr Myers said that he still has deep pain... more some days than others. They were so good to my Peanut!!! Bonnie at the vet's office is getting me an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon that comes to their clinic once every other week to begin the next steps for Peanut.

Feb 16th - Peanut's surgery
I am still away from home. One more week and I will be able to be back home to get my Peanut. I talked to the vet taking care of him today and he says there is no improvement in his back legs. It has been over six weeks since his fall. I have discussed surgery with Sherry at Coast to Coast Rescue. She is going to set me up with vet close to me that has had lots of success with this surgery. I have decided to go for it. I will do anything to make sure Peanut has every chance. One more time I am asking for help. The money my chipin might raise I fully intend to pay forward to some other little precious dog that needs help when I get back to work in April. I will keep everyone posted as to the progress..............Thanks once again to all you angels out there!!!

Feb 8th - My sweet Peanut!!!
I just left Peanut at the animal hospital and I was very impressed with them...........the vet came in and talked to me about Peanut and they are actually giving me a discount on the shots he has to have. They seemed like very knowledgeable people regarding Peanut's condition. I feel good about leaving him there even though I cried like a baby.................lol..............I have all of my "angels" to thank for me being able to leave Peanut there. I am sure he will be well taken care of. I still have this dream that I will return and he will be walking!!! I will give you an update when I return..........Once again..........thank you so much!!!! debbie and Peanut

Thanks to the outpouring of generosity and concern, Peanut will be boarded by a caring vet with 24/7 staff while Debbie is working out of town. Additional donations will go toward his vaccinations, medications and rehab.  Bless you all!

 UPDATE: Debbie found an emergency vet who will board Peanut and make sure he has proper care while she is away on a job. To do so, the vet needs $250 in advance. We have set up a ChipIn for Peanut to help with this. Please see top right of the Hearts blog, or click here to access the ChipIn. 

Feb 2 - Thank you Thank you!!!!
Peanut and I are happier than we have been in a while!!! At least I am...........Peanut still doesn't understand why he is in that darn cage!!!........lol........Thanks to all the generous people out there and wanted you all to know any extra money I receive in this fund after I pay the boarding bill will go to the rehab of Peanut!!!!............I love each and everyone of you.................All of you are Angels in mine and Peanut's eyes!!!!
thanks again

Completely overwhelmed by the people that "care" what happens to Peanut!!!............Can't say Thank You enough!!!!.......................debbie___________________________________________________________

Folks, sadly we all know of someone who has to make a heartwrenching decision about their beloved pet during these times.  Debbie is faced with this very difficult situation..  She used her mortgage payment to take Peanut to the vet; now she knows that Peanut needs help while she is travels for her work and she has hit a wall.  To save Peanut, we need a foster or permanent home or perhaps extended boarding while he heals  We ask that you share this story with anyone you think can help and pray that we do not find ourselves in a similar situation. 

Here is Peanut's story in Debbie's own words:

"I need to find a home for him so bad.  I can't handle the decision to put him down.  Peanut is the sweetest little boy you will ever meet.  I have 4 grandkids under the age of 4 and he loves them to death!!!  He even smiles when they come over!  I have another dog, Slinky and him and Peanut get along fabulously.  It seems like Slinky has gone into a mild depression also since Peanut has been hurt.      As far as getting along with other dogs and cats................Peanut would not even know how to fight or bite.  He is due an update on his shots that  were planned before he had his accident.  Now the vet says to wait till he improves.  My little boy was never neutered because I did not feel the need since the only other dog he is around is his brother and they are nice little boys!!!  lol  Thanks so much.
  Debbie Witt debbieawitt@yahoo.com

 I have a six year old named Peanut and this might be close to the hardest thing I have ever done.  Peanut is a beautiful little boy.  It was two weeks ago Monday that Peanut fell down my steps off the deck and hurt himself.  I thought both his back legs were broken.  I took him to Priest Lake Vet and they took x-rays and said there was nothing broken and he has deep pain and that was a good sign.  They put him on predisone and muscle relaxers and sent him home.  I returned with him 3 days later and they still seemed to think his feelings would come back to his back legs.  It was two weeks ago Monday and there is still no sign of improvement.  He did wag his tail the other day so I am hoping that is a sign.  Surgery is not an option to me because I cannot afford it.  I barely scraped together the $350  it has already cost me. 

I do all the Metro Ball Park concessions in the summer time so this time of year I am basically  broke.  When the ballparks start in February, I am away from home 15 and 16 hours at a time sometime.  I also go to Mardi Gras each year and work for two weeks to make enough money to open my ballparks. This will be the first of February.  I have two dachshunds and it has always worked out fine because I have a doggie door and a fenced backyard so when I go I always have someone come and feed and water them and play with them a little while each day I am gone. 

Obviously I can't do this anymore with Peanut.  I thought about having to put him to sleep and I just don't know if I can do it.   I am praying you will take Peanut If he does not improve by February.  Of course, even if he does improve I don't know if he will be capable of using doggie door.  There are no options for me because I am single and I have to work.  Peanut is so sweet. It will absolutely break my heart.  I will be forever grateful to you.  I have no other  choice."                                                                                                                                                                                

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