Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Merced/San Joaquin Valley, CA shelter-Special dogs at Merced shelter-transport offered for 3 adorable dogs!

SO LITTLE CHANCE BECAUSE OF THEIR BREED, CAN YOU HELP THEM? *From Dana Dulaney:  I don't usually ask for help for our pits because there usually isn't any, but out of all the pits at the shelter, there 3 are special.  I am begging for help for them....we will be happy to transport if you can help one or more.   They have all been here over a month and have escaped the pts list beause they are so nice, but they shelter has been beyond capacity for weeks and their luck is going to quickly run out.   PLEASE save these special dogs, they don't deserve to die just because of their breed......please e-mail me at or call me at (209) 606-3045.
Thanks, Dana

(top black w/white chest) Marty Feldman - 086455 - male pit. 18 mos., 70 lbs.  Marty is a sweetheart who know hows to sit on command and has a great personality.   His vision is fine, but  he is cross-eyed which only adds to his character.

(middle reddish brown) Virginia Mayo - 802386 - Am Staff female -10 mos., 30 lbs.  Virginia is another great dog that is quickly going to lose her life if not rescued. She is a total sweetheart, submissive, gently takes treats and loves belly rubs. 

(bottom w/blue collar) Blue pit female - 085348 - 2 yrs. This girl has been her since July 25, a testament to how sweet she is....can someone please save her?

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