Monday, September 30, 2013

*BEAVERTON, OR - Please help us with our Mini Dachshund, "Remy"

Remy is safe.
Owners relocating for employment, pets absolutely not allowed in only residential option. They have exhausted all options for family and friends to take Remy.

Remy is about 6-7 years old, female, mini, short-hair, about 10 lbs, in good shape, mostly black with brown paws and under chin. No physical impairments.
CONTACT: Jennifer Lively at

SpayedYes, as a puppy

Records: We have vet records and she is recent on rabies vaccine through 12/8/15. She will need DHPP/Bordetella, we are willing to pay for these.

Leash/Car: She is leash trained, and loves to ride in the car.

Worms: We have never had to worm her, she does not have worms.

Fleas: We give her flea treatment every 6 weeks, she had never had fleas.

Teeth: She has some buildup, has not had any dental work.

Cats: She has lived with a cat, and they got along well. May not be friendly to cats she does not know until she gets used to them.

Kids: She is ok with kids but requires supervision, she will jump on little kids and scare them, she will also eat their toys if left out on the floor.

Dogs: She is good with other dogs, but she gets possessive about balls.

Behavior Issues: She is potty trained, however she will go in the house if it’s raining out, so she needs to be watched. She does not like to get her paws wet. She will go outside in the rain, but you have to make her, as she won't do it on her own. She loves playing fetch, and is obsessive with balls. If left with a ball unsupervised, she will bury it in blankets, and then dig it out and cause holes.

Obedience training: no formal training, she can sit, and rollover, stay for a brief amount of time.

Enjoys: Fetch, hiking, cuddling with people, and snuggling in blankets.

Pottys: Outdoors and was trained in the past on pads.

Health: No issues, is in great general health, may need some dental work, no medications.

Allergies/Skin: No issues.

Thank you for your help.

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