Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Horrible Situation - 8 year old Cocker Spaniel left in a house by herself

Wonderful news!  Allie Rose is staying with another family member temporarily and will soon be reunited with her mom!
This is such a sad and very urgent situation for this precious dog caught in the middle. Please, please help if you can.
WHO IS SHE? 8 y/o female cocker *From Nicoletta: I  need to find a home for a precious Cocker Spaniel named Allie Rose, she is being neglected unfortunately due to d ivorce and the break up of a home. She resides with my ex-husband, I had to leave the home for my own safety and could not take Allie with me due to housing restrictions where I am now living. She is in Jupiter, and I had to move to Boca Raton, my ex-husband is now in jail and Allie is alone all day and night. My 84 year old Father -in -law stops by to feed her once a day, and walk her. He is not able to take her in due to pet restrictions where he lives. Allie needs to be cared for by a family again, she is so adorable and wonderful, is there a chance you can help to find her a home?  PLEASE SHARE / CROSSPOST!
WHERE IS SHE? Jupiter, Florida
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call Nicoletta Maffei, offic : (561) 845-3342, cell: (561) 371-4679

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