Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goldsboro, NC - wonderful, loyal Service girl is an owner surrender!!

Owner Surrenders a Loyal Service Dog after 8 years - Sad Poochie doesn't understand why she's been abandoned.
*From T: This has greatly upset me. Look at precious Poochie as a puppy, she was a precious and loyal companion, now dumped to die by her owner. Owner surrenders are killed quickly. Animals are always so wonderful, so amazingly loyal and intelligent, and such a joy. People are too often disappointing, disloyal, ignorant and selfish, which appears to be the case in the betrayal by the owner whom this dog served for eight years as a service dog. Also, it would be appreciated if people would stop referring to dogs who are only eight years old as senior dogs. That is ridiculous, and makes no sense, since my dogs, and other dogs I know who are eight years old, are very youthful, like puppies, and they sometimes live to be as old as fifteen or longer.

Now, here is this sweet and wonderful girl who was dumped at Animal Control. Words cannot express my feelings regarding this wonderful girl's being left somewhere to be killed. I am very saddened, and I am begging for this girl to be removed from this place quickly and taken to a loving, happy place where she can be adopted into a responsible, reliable home where she can be loved and appreciated as a wonderful member of a loving family. Please help her!

What a sad story for this dog. Hope someone can help!
Transport to Raleigh area is possible or an hour from Goldsboro.
Please Contact:
Sandy Davis, Rescue Coordinator Wayne County Animal Services
1600 Clingman St., Goldsboro, NC 27534
919-731-1439 ext. 5144, or: 919-988- 5842 Cell

OR: Vicki L. Falconer: Animal Control Director
(919) 731-1677, (919) 731-1381 Fax

Please share out, and thanks for doing so!! NO Craig’s List!
Breed : Australian Shepherd/Bulldog, American
Age: 8 years 12 days ~ Sex: Female  ~ Size: Large  ~ Color: Tan/White
Housetrained: Unknown  ~ Site: Wayne County Animal Adoption & Education Center  ~ Intake Date: 9/5/2013  ~ ARN: 48316

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