Wednesday, May 29, 2013

*Sparta, TN: Matti and Curly facing euthanization unless someone steps up

 5-30-13:  Wonderful Update!!  "Just got off the phone with a lady that's covering the cost of vetting and transporting Matti and Curly both together to a rescue in CT! They are confirmed safe!!!! Thank you so much!" 
Curly - just a puppy beagle
This is a final plea by a rescuer who has reached the end of her options due to major life changes.   Matti and Curly need a rescue, foster or adopter immediately.  Read their story in their rescuer's own words.  Please crosspost far and wide or contact her if you can help.
I'm begging for help one last time for Matti and Curly.  Matti jumped the wall again this morning and we spent an hour looking for her, praying she didn't get shot by a farmer here.  In the meantime Curly was doing all he could to get in the chicken coop after more chickens.

Matti - 2 year old English Coonhound
I can't keep risking the chickens lives.  I've already lost two and that's not fair to them.  I can't keep risking Matti will be shot by a farmer for going in his pastures.  I've done all I can for these two for the last six months, but when their rescue wouldn't take them and others haven't had room, it's just become too much.  Other
lives are at risk from Curly and Matti's is at risk here.  This just isn't fair to anyway anymore.  

Curly is just a puppy, a beagle.  He was listed as a fear biter in the shelter as a baby.  We pulled him and found that while he was definitely scared, he wasn't a biter.  He would posture as if he was going to bite, but it was simply a defense mechanism he'd picked up to scare off people.  He's come a long way and likes being petted now and will occasionally follow us around wanting us to pet him or jump on the bed and curl up against us.  He's really very sweet but he's still scared and needs someone that has time to take him to adoption events and socialize him.

Matti is a 2 year old English Coonhound.  We'd pulled a male from the same shelter and a rescue immediately picked him up from us, so since we had room we took the female they had.  She and Curly were to go to a rescue up north, but they said they were too unsocialized, so here they've been for six months.  Matti isn't nearly as bad as Curly.  She barks at strangers at first, but she does warm up quickly and when she trusts you, you'll never find a sweeter dog on the planet.  If it weren't for her jumping the fence and the situation we have at home, I'd just have given her a home for life.  

Curly and Matti are both amazing with dogs and cats.  They're housebroken and crate trained.  They've had their combo vaccine and been dewormed.  Curly is chicken aggressive and Matti chases them but hasn't hurt them, but I wouldn't take a chance. 
I have a husband with a terminal illness and we're in the process of selling our home and moving.  When it does sell we're going to be in a hotel for a while between the sale of one house and the purchase of the other.  We have six dogs of our own from when we had our own rescue, we have two senior cats and 14 chickens.  There's no way we can take more dogs with us, and I'm not going to keep risking the lives of Matti and the chickens here.  I'm begging rescues to help out.  The group that pulled the dogs from the shelter was set up as a boarding and low cost vetting group, not as a rescue.  We were never set up to be a long term rescue for animals because we knew we weren't in any situation to keep them.  Now we're faced with making the ultimate decision for these dog's lives. 

If anyone can help, please let me know.   If you call and get voicemail, just leave me a message and I'll call back.  My husband takes multiple naps through the day and when he does I don't answer the phone and risk waking him.

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