Monday, May 27, 2013

*Ft. Worth, TX Owner died/nurse and rescues trying to honor her last request to save her dogs HELP needed NOW!

Pepper is still waiting for her forever home but she's in a fabulous foster home and her foster mom says she's the best dog she's had in a long time.  I had her for the first few months and I agree with her completely.  She's very shy around strangers but once she decides you're okay, she's the most loyal and loving dog anyone could want.  And she's absolutely gorgeous with her long black hair and those beautiful golden highlights. Elderly woman dies leaving one request for her nurse: to find homes for her 3 dogs. Two were adopted, but Pepper is still waiting. 
YouTube video of Pepper and her puppies:

The Whole Story
*From KL: All three lived their entire lives in the same backyard with a very elderly owner (the woman was in her eighties when she died). They all appear to be in good health although they're not spayed (I assume) and probably not current on vaccinations. Their rescuer is doing the very best she can to help them find new homes but her funds are very limited so a week in boarding is pushing the limits for her. If she doesn't find a foster to take one or all of them quickly, she'll have no choice but to take them to a shelter.


UPDATE: The plot thickens……..K Lang, who is helping the nurse with rescue efforts for this family of dogs, received a surprise phone call that Pepper gave birth to 4 puppies last night in a lonely boarding kennel. No one saw that coming! Good news is that K Lang is going to squeeze Pepper & pups into her busy household. This leaves poor Honey Bear all alone at the kennels. Please read update below about Daisy and Honey Bear with some options to try and get Honey Bear out of boarding. We are open for suggestions!! We just don’t want to leave Honey Bear behind right now—she is soooo sweet!!! This will break her heart!! Please help us help Honey Bear—we can do this one dog at a time, right????  K Lee    Please contact Karen Langston  817-996-9165 

STILL NEEDS A PERMANENT HOME! Pepper - She's also about 50-60 lbs and a beautiful mix of black and red. I'm sure there's a name for her coloring but I don't know what it is...other than beautiful. Of the three, she's the most cautious of strangers although she allowed me to approach and feed her treats within minutes of meeting her. She did growl very slightly and briefly when I got too close too quick but once I backed up a few steps and then eased my way closer while talking to her, she was just fine. Considering her owner recently died, the house she was living in was being cleaned out with all the furniture set out on the yard for sale, and two strangers where dragging her and her family out of their yard and stuffing them in crates in a old broken down van and taking them way far away to a strange place with other dogs barking at them, she was understandably confused and uncomfortable.

I can help with transportation of any of them to anywhere within 30-50 miles of Fort Worth/Burleson.
Karen Langston

UPDATE: ADOPTED! Honey Bear is about 50-60 lbs of honey brown sweetness. She is friendly and very happy to be petted although a little shy and we now believe that she is a mix of golden and possibly Akita. Some may think she has chow in her, but her very pink tongue tells us differently. She has already been to an adoption event and did just great around other dogs, children and crowds. I don't have any hesitations about her with kids or other dogs. She is so laid back and sweet and wondering where everyone in her family went. She has been in boarding for the past 2 weeks thanks to the nurse who promised to save the dogs, but funds are out and if Honey Bear doesn’t find a home or foster very soon, she may end up in a shelter. She is already lonely and getting depressed being in the boarding all alone after having her own home with two of her pups.

UPDATE: ADOPTED! Daisy is now in a foster home. But if we could get Daisy adopted, then the foster is willing to take Honey Bear home where she will have lots of love and attention. Daisy is about 6 months old and just as cute as can be. You only need to look at Mama Honey Bear to know pretty much what Daisy will look like when grown. Of course daddy was a bum riding the rails, so don’t really know anything about him. Like her momma, Daisy will have a gorgeous coat of hair. She started out a little shy but after a day or two in a loving environment with some extra treats and affection she is turning into a typical canine teenager.

Please, please if you are anyone you know could foster one of these dogs, even if it is Daisy, then Honey Bear would have a place to go. If Honey Bear ends up in the shelter, she will not survive.

Please contact Karen Langston


The duties of a Nurse are certainly varied. This particular dedicated nurse is trying to fulfill her patient’s last request to help her dogs. The nurse has no place for them to go but has paid for 1 week of boarding while we all try to pull together to help her and honor the lady’s last request. Please please read their story and help us save these beloved dogs!! They will have to go to a shelter if a rescue or home is not found!!! These dogs are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Just got home from meeting the girls. Their deceased owner's nurse has bought them about a week of boarding to try and find rescues to take them but they're still very urgent since we all know how little time a week is to rehome a pet!

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