Sunday, October 2, 2011

Madison, MS - a sweet little pup with special needs

Sweet little Biscuit went to a foster home in Alabama!
WHO IS SHE? Biscuit....born deaf and losing her eyesight as well. See her story below.
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Caitlin
*From Caitlin: Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a veterinary technician in Madison, MS. We have a dog here at our hospital that desperately needs help! Biscuit is a 16 month old, spayed female Am. Staff. Terrier. She was born deaf and was recently diagnosed with PRA. Her owner can no longer care for her and brought her in 2 weeks ago to be euthanized. We asked her to give us a couple of weeks to try to find a rescue group that might be able to help. I have had a few groups offer to put up a courtesy post, but the problem is that we have no where to keep her in the meantime. The previous owners agreed to pay for a couple of weeks of boarding, but after that I'm afraid that she will be put down if we can't find her a foster
home. I would hold on to her if I could, but I have a four year old and a baby on the way. She is a very sweet and friendly dog. She can still see some shadows. She is up to date on vaccinations and is HW negative and she weighs about 37#.
We could help with a transport.
Thank you so much.
More Info:
She is very sweet and is good with other dogs. She was good with children before her vision started to fade. Her previous owner said she started to snap at the young grandchildren when they would startle her, which is why she decided have her put down. The kids were too young to know any better and would pull her tail (no one was injured). I am not sure about her with cats and I am pretty certain she is housebroken. She does not have accidents in her run at the vet clinic. Her owner was so upset by her decision to have her put down that she had a panic attack when she got home and then a stroke later that night. She is an older lady and she was recovering from back surgery. Her daughter has been in contact with me and I can get more information about Biscuit from her if I need to. Biscuit is very sweet when I take her outside, but she does jump quite a bit. It is very hard to correct a blind/deaf dog! :)
I am going to continue to send out emails to anyone that might help. Her clock is ticking and I sure don't want to see her put down. :(
Caitlin at

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