Monday, December 12, 2011

Atlanta, GA - A little lost boy who's collar reads "My name is Prince. I don't bite, Please love me".

Little Prince needs a home-Atlanta, GA area, Let’s save this boy so he does  not end up  at a shelter and  may never find rescue. URGENT - The folks that found him say they can only keep him for a 1-1.5 weeks longer!

WHO IS HE? This is his story as told by the people that found him on their door step: This little guy showed up on our back porch a few nights ago  (12/3/11). When we found him, he looked to have been sleeping and was settled in for the night.  We thought he would be gone the next day and left him alone.  But when we got up, he was still here, just sitting quietly by our back door.  We checked to see if he had a tag with any info, so we could report him being found, but instead his collar had a message which read "My name is Prince. I don't bite, Please love me".   Looking at him you can see that is really all he wants, to be loved.  Our backyard is not fenced, but he stayed all day and is sleeping in our garage, so finding him a home is urgent.  We have no way to keep him.  Prince is  gentle, friendly and relatively calm for a high energy dog.  He approaches us in a submissive way, but seems to always be wagging his tail.  Prince understands, but is not consistent with some commands, like “sit”, “down” and “stay”, with a little training he would be on track. Prince is a 1 to 2 year old Pit Bull mix

Prince has a sponsor to have him vetted and neutered.  All he needs now is a home to hang his collar, hopefully a new one, message no longer needed.
WHERE IS HE? Atlanta, GA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? *From Jamie: Debbie has paid for Prince to be neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested. Unfortunately, he's a mild positive -- but I believe treatment is being arranged/funded now. He just needs a nice place to recover during treatment who will foster him until his forever home can be found. If you can help, please please contact Debbie at

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