Thursday, November 24, 2011

Athens, AL: Sad Update: 2 Dogs Living in House Alone. People breaking in and poisoning

Sad Update:  Pam made an arrangment with her landlord that she could bring Hunter and Blue to live with her if she found homes for some of her cats.  When she went to get Blue, she was very, very ill and had to be put to sleep.  Hunter is lost without her best friend and Pam is devastated.  In order to keep Hunter with her, she must find homes for two cats.  We will post them soon.

This is urgent...two innocent animals made the victims of not only the economy, but also of criminals taking advantage of someone's misfortune.  Please help their owner help them.

From Pam, their owner:  "I just lost my home of 13 years. Several years ago, I rescued two dogs that I intended to keep for life until I ended up getting a divorce and now losing my home. The bank is coming in any day to take my house.. and I am needing to find my dogs a home so they won't be killed. I have searched desperately for homes for
my girls, but no one wants a full grown dog or a mutt... I don't know what to do... I am desperate for any help or advice that you could give.

Both dogs are  females. One is named Hunter and she is a solid black lab/chow mix. When I first rescued her, she didn't trust anyone. I took her away from an abusive owner. She was being hit and not fed... She is extremely smart and knows simple commands but she doesn't like any other dogs or cats etc... I am assuming this is because she was made to hunt for her food... She is best friends with the other dog that I rescued.
Rest in Peace, Sweet Blue...
we are so sorry
The other dog that I have is a Blue Heeler and her name is Blue She knows a  few simple commands and she craves attention to where she will follow you around then when you stop and sit down then she will come over to you and lean up against you to be petted. She has just started riding in my car with me... I had to leave them both at the house I no longer live in because I am not allowed to have them where I moved. I have friends that go by and check on and feed them. The only free time I get is on the weekends and then I go and spend time with them.  Since this has happened, Hunter has developed trust issues again, and she hasn't had them in years.  What I mean by that is when I am not there, she will lay on the porch and act depressed, then when I get there she will come up and be petted and get her treat, then she runs away to the edge of my property and just lays down away from me... and she never used to act like that.... Then Blue, well, she acts just the opposite... when I show up, she is glued to my side... and when I get in my truck, well that is how she started  taking rides with me... she wouldn' get out of my truck.

NOW PEOPLE ARE BREAKING INTO MY FORMER HOME AND STEALING MY THINGS, I went to my house in Athens when I got off work and people have been stealing my stuff.  I  think they also tried to POISON BLUE...she was not acting right at all. .I stayed there with her to keep an eye on her and Saturday morning, she was showing signs of improvement but not a 100% yet.

Blue is the dog with white on her chest...and hunter is all black. They are not current on their shots. Hunter is healthy but I went by there and noticed she's lost weight. Blue the Heeler has been diagnosed with heartworms...I didn't and still don't have any money to treat her or get her up to date...I've financially
lost everything I had and am still not able to spare anything...Hunter should be ok, but I have not had her to the vet in a while either... I feel bad about what has happened but with no money my hands are tied...
I would greatly appreciate any help or advice that you could give... I appreciate your time.
Thank you ."

Pamela Barton 256-654-1318

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