Sunday, July 31, 2011


STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  WHO AM I? I don't know my name, and I'm an old gal, been around for 20 years. I sure hope I don't have to spend my last days here. Will you take me home and let me live out my life with you? I still have a lot of loving and purring left to give someone and I don't take up much room. Name Unknown ID# A4316703; Female Cat; 20 y/o; Impound Date: 7/27/2011; click for more information AnimalID=A4316703  WHERE AM I? Lancaster Shelter, Lancaster, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please call the shelter at (661) 940-4191 and give them ID# A4316703 


STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:( BUZZ HAS BEEN AT THE SHELTER SINCE JUNE 4, TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THIS PRECIOUS DOG. WHO AM I? My name is Buzz. I'm really scared because I'm not very old and my humans brought me here and left me. I don't understand why they didn't come back. I'm a good boy, and I love to play. Can I come home with you? BUZZ - IID#A4220665; Male German Shepherd; 10 months old; Intake date--6/4!!! Urgent! Click here for more information about Buzz: WHERE AM I? Downey Shelter, Downey, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please call the shelter at (562) 940-6898 and give them Buzz's ID# A4220665


STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  WHO AM I? My name is Daisy. I don't know how I got here, but I promise to be a faithful companion if you take me home. Won't you give me a chance?  DAISY - ID#A4288212; Female GSD/x; 4 y/o; already spayed! Intake date--6/2!!! Urgent!  Click here for more info about Daisy:
WHERE AM I? Downey Shelter, Downey, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please call the shelter at (562) 940-6898 and give them Daisy's ID# A4288212


STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  *From Linda:  i happened upon MARNIE online and called about her yesterday. i was told she came in as a stray and has a microchip but her owners never responded to the shelter's calls. i was told she socializes very well with other dogs and with cats too!   WHO AM I? My name is Marnie. I've been waiting here for my humans to come get me, but I guess they don't want me anymore. Please give me a chance to show you that I can be a good and loving companion and family member.  MARNIE - ID#A1217083; female Rottweiler/Lab mix; app 7 y/o; app 69 lbs; spayed; at shelter since May 27. Marnie's Pet Harbor listing:
WHERE AM I? West Valley Animal Care & Control Center, Chatsworth, CA HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please call the shelter at 818.756.9325

Friday, July 29, 2011


Spike made it out and is safe!! WHO AM I? My name is Spike. I can't tell you how I got here, but its been 2 months now and noone is coming to take me home. I may look like another ordinary brown dog, but if you give me a chance I'll show you how special I am and I'll keep you company and give you love and understanding. *From Chela: "... volunteers who meet him love him... his heart is so hopeful, his spirit so sweet, but he is just another brown dog to all the people who have passed by his cage in the last two months without a glance. He 'smiles' at them, his heart leaping, 'Will this one take me out?'" SPIKE - ID#A1220841; Dog - brown and white Mastiff and Boxer mix; unaltered; app. 5 y/o; 73 lbs; at shelter since June 9; Staff and volunteer favorite. 


STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  SUNSHINE AND CONFETTI *From S: I received a call tonight asking for help.. These precious babies are running out of time and so need a place to go. Can someone please help them.. They just want someone to love them...  The link will provide all the dogs at this shelter.. They are in a small, rural area and these babies don't stand a chance without your help.
Sunshine and Confetti are two of the favorites and cover the workers with lots of wet kisses everyday...  Please take a minute to look at the link and call the shelter tomorrow if you can help them.WHERE ARE THEY? Butts County Shelter, Jackson, GA HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call the shelter at 770-775-8011PET FINDER LISTING:

Manhattan, NY Declawed Senior Sisters Lost Mom to Cancer/Family in HURRY to Get Rid of Them!

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  PLEASE SHARE WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS AND CO-WORKERS *FROM DINA: “A friend of mine tragically passed away yesterday (July 28) from cancer and left behind 2 wonderful cats that now urgently need a home. She thought a neighbor would take them but he said NO. They are Gracie and Daisy (the black/white and gray/white cats in photo). They are 13yr old sisters and shouldn't be separated! They are declawed, spayed, healthy, and have the sweetest dispositions ever. They were faithful loving companions to my friend for 13 years and literally stayed by her side providing comfort and love throughout her illness. Now they are suddenly homeless and afraid! Please pass the word around- time is of the essence-- I think I only have the weekend to find them a home!” (The family is from out-of-state and seems to be in a rush to settle up affairs and get home.) Thank you so much, Dina  917-941-6880 email

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dillsburg, PA-Senior Cocker needs a foster home and comfy bed

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  HE'S AN ADORABLE LITTLE SENIOR BOY WHO JUST NEEDS A LITTLE LOVE AND ATTENTION. WHO IS HE?  This is Roscoe.  Isn't he adorable??? A few weeks ago he was taken in as a stray from the Harrisburg Humane Society and they were looking for a rescue to pull him because he was not doing well in the kennel. A local rescue pulled him and placed him in a foster home, but the foster home kicked him out because he peed on the carpet. Now, Roscoe is back in the kennel and needs desperately to get out. All this senior boy needs is a soft bed, some good food, and someone who will take him out frequently or put belly bands on him. His hearing and sight are not 100%, but other than that, he is healthy. Can anyone please help him live out the rest of his days in a loving home and not on a concrete floor?  THANKS!!! WHERE IS HE? Dillsburg, PA HOW CAN YOU HELP HIM? Please contact me at or 717-574-5844 if you can help.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Spaniel Mixes in danger at GASSING shelter

MOLLY Spaniel Mix: An adoptable dog in Beckley, WV, Medium, Adult, Female
WHERE ARE THEY? Humane Society of Raleigh County Inc., 325 Gray Flats Road, Beckley, WV 25802 HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Jim or Nicole at 304-253-8921 or via email at

7/26/11: Temp Foster Needed for "COSMO" by week's end

 STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  A foster home will Save her  until rescue can secure  permanent placement for Cosmo. ( And They WILL)WHO AM I? I'm Cosmo. My family doesn't want me anymore. They will put me to sleep unless someone helps me. Will you help me find a new home before the end of the week? Cat -- COSMO; female calico; 7 y/o; healthy WHERE AM I? Long Island, NY HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact: Gina D at

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yorkie Terrier mix at Upland Animal Shelter - So Sad, Lonely

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  DESPERATE FOR SOME LOVE AND ATTENTION. WHO AM I? I don't know my name and I don't know how I got here. But I promise with a bath and a haircut, I can be a handsome dog. If you take me home, I'll give you love and companionship. Please don't let me stay here anymore. I want and need a human to come take me home with them. Dog -- ID# A024025, male, Yorkshire Terrier Mix; Petfinder listing: WHERE AM I? Upland Animal Shelter, Upland, CA HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Please call 909- 931-4185 and ask about ID# A024025 or email if you have to

Monday, July 25, 2011

Buddies Chi-Min Pin Pat and Matted Matt the poodle - separated, sad, IN REAL TROUBLE!

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  WATCH THEIR LITTLE VIDEO.  WHO ARE THEY? PAT (A1231153, 3 years old, 6 pounds,) and MATT (A1231154, already neutered, 3 years old, 7 pounds) need out  --  not necessarily together, even though buddies  --  but out any way possible to save their lives --  but the situation is serious!!! Note from Andrea: When I first met Pat in the small dog room, he crawled back into the corner of his cage, so shy and timid.  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

HELP DAISY FIND A GOOD HOME. Owner dumped her on 7/9! Urgent!

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  HER TIME IS RUNNING OUT AT THIS SHELTER.  WHO AM I? My name is DAISY and I don't understand why my people brought me here and left me. I'm a good dog and I'm kind of scared here. Please won't you take me home?  DAISY -- ID#A3380544; female German Shepherd; 8 y/o; Already spayed!   WHERE AM I? Downey Shelter-11258 S. Garfield Ave, Downey, CA 90242 HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact the shelter at  (562) 940-6898

Little tiny INA, her time is up, sadly, unless she has rescue or foster or adoption.

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  HER TIME IS UP. WHO AM I? Poor sweet INA was picked up, waited for the owner to come get her. Owners decided she wasn't worth it and left her in the shelter. Ina still loves her shelter friends and is hoping we'll find a new home for her.  Watch her video and see if this dancer doesn't win your heart as she did all of ours.  INA A1023388, Dog, female mixed breed, 2 1/2 y/o, 7 lbs  NOTE: Such a sweet little girl, kenneled with lots of other little dogs, very respectful, endearing, and tender  --  and with a white tip on her nose and toes! WHERE AM I? South L.A. shelter  3612  11th Ave.  L.A.  90018  HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please let us know if you can save this girl who has been stood up once and doesn't want to leave the shelter lying down.  With thanks, Andrea and Mindy (323) 363-4909.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:( PULL FEES PAID FOR THIS SWEET PAIR. WHO ARE THEY? DUCHESS and EVELYN came to Devore on July 14 and they are now past due. Please help save these two sweeties! They are on borrowed time!! Duchess - ID#A498777, female, tan and white Pit Bull Terrier; 4 y/o; at the shelter since Jul 14, 2011.  Evelyn- ID#A498779, female, tricolor and black Beagle; 3 y/o; at the shelter since Jul 14, 2011. WHERE ARE THEY? LA/Devore, CA shelter  HOW CAN YOU HELP? Devore's phone # is 909-887-8055, ext. 0.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 dogs- owner died of heart attack- and family members are taking to the pound

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:( WHO ARE THEY? Two very sweet pitts that need help. They are two girls ages 6 and 8. They are all up on their shots and one is spayed. The 6 yr old is the daughter of the 8 yr old. Their only owner just died last week of a heart attack and now have no where to go. The owners out of town family called me desperate and is taking the two dogs to the pound next Monday. The dogs are such sweethearts -- house trained and love other dogs and kids. Can you please help!  The dogs are already low in spirit since their owner has died and I would hate for them to go to the pound and be put to sleep. If you can help please e mail. Thanks a bunch! WHERE ARE THEY? LA/Fresno, CA HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call Lisa at 707-685-5709 right away if you can help them. They are being taken to the pound Monday.

LA, CA: VOLUNTEER PLEA for little 7 mos. COTA

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:( COTA loves her tennis ball, loves to cuddle, belly-scratch junkie, very calm for a puppy, please consider this tiny girl!  WHO AM I? I love to play with my ball and I'm a really good girl. Will you take me home with you?  Cota - dog, female, unaltered, white Pit Bull Terrier mix, 7 mo old, 38 lbs, at shelter since July 7. Special note: DOG - ID#A1229357 named COTA by Sylwia, shelter volunteer; Adoption fees include spay/neuter. WHERE AM I? Harbor Animal Care and Control Center, LA, CA HOW CAN YOU HELP? For more information about this animal, call: Harbor Animal Care and Control Center at (888) 452-7381 AND Ask for information about animal ID number A1229357

LA/Lancaster, CA - Saddest yet hopeful eyes ever- 1 yr old dog in hi-kill shelter

WHO AM I? I don't know my name, but you can give me a new one. I'm scared being here, but I'll be lots of fun if you take me home with you.
Impound Date: 7/3/2011  Sex Female  Primary Breed: AM PIT BULL TER  Age: 1 Years and 0 Months
WHERE AM I? Lancaster Animal Shelter, CA


WHO AM I? I don't know my name, but I sure would love to have a home to call my own. Will you give me a chance? Impound Date: 7/15/2011 10:28:46 PM  Sex Female  Primary Breed: GERM SHEPHERD  Age: 12 Years and 0 Months ID #A4211820
WHERE AM I? Lancaster Animal Shelter CA


Monday, July 18, 2011

LA, CA shelter-URGENT! Young terrier mix found on freeway needs rescue by Tuesday!

SO URGENT! HEARTBREAKING, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! HIS STORY: Someone I know found this dog running by the freeway and took him to the San Bernardino City Shelter not knowing what to do. She feels horrible now and wants to help get him out. She cannot take him home, but will transport him to a rescue that can take him and will help get him neutered. He is under a year old, very sweet and playful.
ID# is A408918, Dog, Terrier mix, male, 1-1/2 y/o
WHERE IS HE? He's at San Bernardino City Shelter, LA, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please, he goes up for adoption on Tuesday and that is the only day she can transport him. If you can help please call Candy (the lady that will transport him) at 909-565-8536. This dogs ID# is A408918. HE MUST GET OUT TUESDAY.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Belle Mead, NJ: Three adorable cats now in KILL pound!!! Transport is available to rescuers.

URGENT AND HEARTBREAKING! Transport available. Please cross post to reputable rescue groups. The pound is full AGAIN so they don’t have much time before they die.
WHO ARE THEY? These cats were living as part of a small, friendly colony cared for by an older woman in Pennington, NJ. The cats are all altered and she fed and cared for them daily. The neighbors started complaining the cats were going in their gardens, yards, etc. The woman received a threatening letter from the condo association saying all the cats had to go. She was very upset but they would not let her even keep the cats inside because she is at her maximum limit allowed by the town. All the cats ended up in the pound.
WHERE ARE THEY? Belle Mead, New Jersey
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Melissa at 732-232-0868 or

Saturday, July 16, 2011

LA, CA shelter-DRACO, tiny one, baby, 1 yr old blk/tan toy fox terrier--easy peasy lemon squeezy adopt!

WHO AM I? My name is Draco. I'm just a little guy, so I won't take up much room. I promise to be really good and give you hugs and kisses. The shelter thinks I am about 1 year and 1 month old.  I have been here since June 17, 2011. I'm really a good boy, so I know you'll be very glad you took me home.
DRACO - ID #A1223160; black and tan Toy Fox Terrier; unaltered male, 1 yr 1 mo old, 20 lbs
WHERE AM I?  Los Angeles, California
 at (888) 452-7381  Ask for information about animal ID number A1223160.

LA, CA (Lancaster) HI-KILL shelter, OLIVIA - 5 month old bat-eared little girl sheperd

URGENT!! Little puppy at a high kill shelter needs your help.
WHO AM I? I think my name is Olivia, but i'm only 5 months old. I'm in this scary place. Please take me home with you. I promise lots of puppy kisses and to be really good.
Dog: Olivia #A4302751 Female  Primary Breed: GERM SHEPHERD  Age: 0 Years and 5 Months  
WHERE AM I? LA County: Lancaster Shelter, California
HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Call the shelter at (661) 940-4191 and ask for A4302751
Lancaster Shelter, 5210 W. Ave.  I, Lancaster, CA 93536
(website for general info

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AMELIA, VA - by friday!!!! ONLY 48 HOURS LEFT FOR 2 DOGS

Hi I'm Smitty. Not sure where I can from, but I could sure use a home. I need a little work, but I could be a great companion if you give me a chance. Name: Smitty, Hound mix - male - 1-2 yoa - 40 lbs. Release date - 6/28/11 
Howdy, I'm Tony. I need to find a home too. I'm not too good with other dogs, but I could be a great in a one-dog family. I'll give you lots of love and protection. Won't you give me a chance? Tony - Hound - male-neutered - 1-2 yoa - 70-80 lbs. Release date - 7/1/11
WHERE ARE WE? Amelia County Animal Control, Amelia, Virginia
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please respond to; Cindy Case, Receptionist / Permit Technician, Amelia County Animal Control; Telephone: (804) 561-3878 

NOTE FROM SHELTER: Smitty is a nice dog. We are going to retest him with puppies just to be sure he gets along with others.  Smitty needs someone to work with him.  Even though he's seems okay with other dogs, we have determined that he still needs some socialization. Tony is a very good boy.  He is very friendly.  We really like him but definitely does not get along with other dogs. 

LAST DAY Goldsboro, NC 3 Beautiful Beagles out of time. Now have a sponsor for $250 for all 3.

TODAY IS THEIR LAST DAY! PLEASE HELP!! Sponsor money is up to $250.  That will save them and get them fixed. Will buy some time at a boarding facility, but need a rescue. Please don't let these 3 sweet little guys die today.
WHO ARE THEY? 3 sweet beagles that need your help today!!  WHERE ARE THEY? Goldsboro, NC
HOW CAN YOU HELP SAVE THEM? Call the shelter NOW at 919-731-1439 and say you will take them.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

URGENT!!!! Virginia (KGAC): Gorgeous kittens @ kill shelter!

These babies are aching for homes. They are tired of being penned up in cages. A prison is no place for an innocent baby to grow up. Please consider adopting a pair before it's too late. 
THE KITTIES: WHO ARE WE? We don't know our names, but we're very small and need your help.
WHERE ARE WE?  King George Animal Control
Located at 11377 Citizens' Way -- From Rt. 3 East, take left on Government Center Blvd, (just past the YMCA), then right on Citizens' Way. Open 10-1 Monday, Friday, or Saturday; 10-3 Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday; closed Holidays and Sundays. 
Phone: 540-775-2120  Fax: 540-775-5770
Mailing: 9483 Kings Hwy. #5 King George, VA. 22485 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

WILSON NC - Please Help Us Find a Home for this Little Girl found in a trash pile

WHO AM I? I'm so little - only 2 pounds. I don't know my name. 
This little girl was found a few days ago living in a trash pile. She had 3 siblings according to some who had seen the pups when they were dropping off their garbage. The 3 siblings went missing, and she was the only little one left. She was picked up by a female who took her to the vet for her initial shots and exam. The vet said she appears very healthy. She has already had the first round of puppy shots and de-wormer. Also, she has been cleaned up and all of her ticks and fleas have been removed. She has a very sweet and loving personality, and can’t weigh more than about 2 pounds right now. She’s very tiny. The girl who found her cannot keep her at the place she lives, so she needs a good home. 
Please let me know if you know of anyone that would be able to take her, as I have the girl’s contact information. Thank you! 
Name: Unknown - Female puppy; Color: black/brown; Age: unknown; Vetted - first round of puppy shots, dewormed, bathed and free of ticks and fleas
WHERE ARE WE? Wilson, North Carolina
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Kristin if you can help this little baby!!! 
Kristin L. Brinson 
Wilson County Sheriff's Office 
100 East Green Street 
P.O. Box 1666 
Wilson, NC 27894 
Phone: (252) 265-5967 
Fax: (252) 399-2871 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


WHO AM I? My name is BUSA. I'm at Spotsylvania Animal Shelter. They don't adopt my breed out, so the only chance I have for a good home is through someone like you and the people at Bully Paws. But I don't have much time left. I love to snuggle and play with dogs and kids. Cats don't bother me at all. I'll be your friend forever if you take me home. Click here for more about Busa.
Name: BUSA, rescue ID 11-0243 - Dog; male; American Pit Bull Terrier; Color: tan/white; Age: est 2-3 y/o; Special note: The Foster coordinator was really impressed with the manners that BUSA showed. He was great on the leash, stays right by you when walking. Busa even knows commands. If you stop and are doing something he will lay right next to you until time to move. Busa would be considered medium energy! but seems to want to be someone's snuggle buddy if given a chance! Good with Kids, Dogs and Cats (doesn't pay any attention to cats).
WHERE AM I? Spotsylvania Animal Shelter, VA
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Please contact us at BULLYPAWSRESCUE@GMAIL.COM. Or if you have questions please contact

Saturday, July 2, 2011


URGENT!!  Sweet, precious, so sad baby boy. Help him now please bc his person will not return.
WHO AM I? My Name is Oreo.  I am so owners surrendered me and won't come back.  I don't understand why.  I'm so despondent that I don't want to go inside or to even raise my head.
ID# #Oreo 3 years old. Owner surrender today.  
WHERE AM I?  Cartersville, Georgia.
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Contact JAN GRANAI via message on Facebook or via email at:
Please be patient as I am only here at the Humane Society Mon-Wed. I do monitor from home several times a day but am not able to spend all my time at the computer.
Oreo and the other dogs in the facebook photos at this facility MUST have rescue or adoption commitments by Monday, July 5th by 4pm!!!
The rescue or adoption of the animals in the Facebook album is handled only through Etowah Valley Humane Society even though they are not located at our facility. In order to rescue you. MUST hold a current Ga Dept of Ag license. Out of state rescues are welcome but you will need to find a licensed rescue in GA to pull for you. There are no pull fees. On occasion we are able to help with that.  

Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello - I'm sending this out to all the local rescues and hoping someone can help. Our cat is lost and we live in Reston. He was lost at Charter Oak Apartments, which is in the vicinity of Temporary Rd. and North Shore, across Reston Pkwy from Reston Town Center. He has been lost since Wednesday, Jun 29. We're heartbroken and hoping someone will turn him in. He looks somewhat like a Maine Coon mix. This is the only photo we could find of him.  He is neutured, approx. 10 yrs old (he was a rescue so we're not sure); he is an indoor cat and is not wearing a collar. He is not declawed and will be very frightened. He is very big/tall - approximately 12#. I have included a pic of him on my dad's lap for scale.
Please please let me know if anyone sees him! Call literally anytime and I will come out to get him. His name is GEORGE and he is FOOD MOTIVATED.  Thank you so much!  Jessica
Jessica Smocer /11623 Charter Oak Ct / Reston, VA 20190 / Office: 410-929-6122 / Cell: 703-344-3188

EXTRA URGENT!!!! Two DARLING Puppies (American Bulldog Mix and Pitty)!! must be rescued by this weekend!

WHO AM I? I'm so little, I don't know my name, but her name is Casey. We love to play and will be real good.They said we don't have much time left. Can we come play at your house? Will you help us both find a family?

Name: unknown A353897 - Male; American Bulldog mix puppy; Color: black/white; Age: 3 months; 11 lbs; shots UTD
Name: Casey A353471 - Female; Pit puppy; Color: tan/white; Age: 3 months; Special note: , left eye corneal scar, possibly blind in that eye, shots UTD
WHERE ARE WE? PG County Animal Control, Upper Marlboro, MD   HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact: Dina Howard at  301-780-7226 PLEASE NETWORK THIS LISTING: one click may make the difference of a lifetime! NO CRAIGSLIST PLEASE!

THEY CURRENTLY HAVE OVER 200 DOGS. Due to the lack of space and the ban on pits in PG County (you can not own one at all if you live there), the pits are the first to be PTS. This means the puppies MUST find rescue this weekend!!