Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kansas City: Abandoned and Neglected for Over a Year, Help Gizmo find a Furever Home

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  WHO IS HE? Gizmo, male Cocker Spaniel, 10 y/o, HW neg, mostly deaf, cloudy vision WHERE IS HE? Kansas City, KS HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Bridget at or at 816-522-3555 OR Samantha (Sam) at  If you can’t help him, could you please pass along to others who might be able to help this sweet boy?  Thanks so much. Linda  HIS STORY: *From Linda: Gosh, this is such a sad sad story. Gizmo is a 10 year old cocker boy who was abandoned with two other older dogs in a backyard. The original owner of the three dogs moved years ago and left the dogs with the tenants who were supposed to care for the dogs. They DIDN’T. They left them in the garage or outside, threw bags of food on the ground for them to eat, and the garage was covered with waste. They all were flea and tick infested and horribly matted-- but miraculously HW negative.  Finally a friend of the original owner became aware of the horrible...
situation, took the dogs, and brought them to a boarding facility. She assured the owner of the boarding facility that she would help find homes for them—but then disappeared and had not been able to be reached. Homes have been found for the other two dears but Gizmo is still at the boarding facility—where he’s been for several months. This poor dear had food aggression issues when he came to the boarding facility since he had to fight for food—but now he eats alongside all the rest of the dogs at daycare and there are no issues at all. Gizmo is a wonderful baby and gets along great with all of the dogs and people too. He is mostly deaf and has some cloudy vision, but does great getting around. They kept hoping the lady who brought Gizmo in would return for him but since she hasn’t, they’d love to find him a wonderful home for the rest of his life for him. Look at how darling this boy is!  

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