Tuesday, August 2, 2011


WONDERFUL UPDATE *From Monica: I have some fabulous news....after 6 long months (with an AMAZING foster mom) Roxy and Gizmo have a new forever home. Which I could not be more excited about! We had so many applicants and so many emails & calls. But, my foster group was really tough and they cut out all of the fruitcakes until the right family came along! So, thanks again for your help in trying to find my pups a home, I am extremely grateful. Bless you and your group for all that you do to help the animal community! UPDATE: ROXIE AND GIZMO ARE IN FOSTER CARE WITH A VOLUNTEER FROM ANGEL DOGS. THEY STILL NEED A PERMANENT HOME THOUGH. PLEASE RETURN FOR UPDATED CONTACT INFO.  *From Monica: I am in desperate need of help in finding a new home for my 2 dogs. Roxie - Female, black and tan min pin, 7.5 years old, approx 19 - 20 lbs, spayed  Gizmo - Male, chocolate and cream chihuahua, 7.5 yeards old, also 19-20 lbs, neutered --- I have had them since since I was able to take them about 8 weeks of  age. I am afraid that I may have to separate them, but am so hoping I do not have to. The reason I must find a new home is *my son is extremely allergic to them.* He has puffy, red eyes, sneezes, and has raised red rashes on his body daily, which he scratches intensely. I give him children's Claritin and he has gone through a number of prescription creams, which one is applied almost daily. I have waited as long as I can, waiting... MORE INFO AND PHOTOS
for doctor appointments with his regular pediatrician, pediatric dermatologist, as well as pediatric allergist. No good responses have come from any doctor. This is not something he will grow out of. What is even more difficult for me, is that I am expecting another baby in August. And this baby has a great chance of  being allergic as well. I have been trying since March to find a home for my dogs and can not bring myself to drop them off at the SPCA.*

I just have no idea what to do. They are such well behaved dogs, crate trained for work and overnight hours, housetrained and so loving.   Both are fixed, UTD on shots, and monthly medications for heartworm and fleas.

All you have to do is say the word "cage" or even when you get your car keys and put your shoes on, and they run into their cage together. I give them a small baby carrot as a treat each time they get in their cage because  the chi is too overweight to get regular treats really. You also might find them sleeping in their cage during the day or if we have parties and they do not feel like being around other people. It is their safe place.

My chihuahua has a sensitive personality and I think needs to stay with the min pin. She is easy going and loves anyone or any dog, so the min pin should fit anyone. The chi, however, I believe will take a little bit of time to warm up to a new family and does not like ANY other dogs. He doesn't bite or isn’t yappy like the little tiny ones, but will let off a little growl if a new dog gets too close to him and he'll walk away. He just gets very upset if we ever had dog guests at the house. Luckily for him, since we realized my son's allergies, I have not allowed family to bring over any of their dogs for visits or babysitting...so he's been happy about that. I know I can NOT keep them....I've tried everything with the allergies. Separation, better grooming, and many doctor appointments for my son at specialists.....nothing helps.

I've had them trained since I got each of them around 8 weeks of age. I would love for them to go together, that is my main goal. I never thought in a million years I'd be forced to make a decision like this, but I am.  Any help is appreciated so much!    Monica Behrooz   CONTACT: roxygizmo@comcast.net Return soon for updated contact info.

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