Sunday, July 17, 2011

Belle Mead, NJ: Three adorable cats now in KILL pound!!! Transport is available to rescuers.

URGENT AND HEARTBREAKING! Transport available. Please cross post to reputable rescue groups. The pound is full AGAIN so they don’t have much time before they die.
WHO ARE THEY? These cats were living as part of a small, friendly colony cared for by an older woman in Pennington, NJ. The cats are all altered and she fed and cared for them daily. The neighbors started complaining the cats were going in their gardens, yards, etc. The woman received a threatening letter from the condo association saying all the cats had to go. She was very upset but they would not let her even keep the cats inside because she is at her maximum limit allowed by the town. All the cats ended up in the pound.
WHERE ARE THEY? Belle Mead, New Jersey
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Melissa at 732-232-0868 or

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