Thursday, July 7, 2011

WILSON NC - Please Help Us Find a Home for this Little Girl found in a trash pile

WHO AM I? I'm so little - only 2 pounds. I don't know my name. 
This little girl was found a few days ago living in a trash pile. She had 3 siblings according to some who had seen the pups when they were dropping off their garbage. The 3 siblings went missing, and she was the only little one left. She was picked up by a female who took her to the vet for her initial shots and exam. The vet said she appears very healthy. She has already had the first round of puppy shots and de-wormer. Also, she has been cleaned up and all of her ticks and fleas have been removed. She has a very sweet and loving personality, and can’t weigh more than about 2 pounds right now. She’s very tiny. The girl who found her cannot keep her at the place she lives, so she needs a good home. 
Please let me know if you know of anyone that would be able to take her, as I have the girl’s contact information. Thank you! 
Name: Unknown - Female puppy; Color: black/brown; Age: unknown; Vetted - first round of puppy shots, dewormed, bathed and free of ticks and fleas
WHERE ARE WE? Wilson, North Carolina
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Kristin if you can help this little baby!!! 
Kristin L. Brinson 
Wilson County Sheriff's Office 
100 East Green Street 
P.O. Box 1666 
Wilson, NC 27894 
Phone: (252) 265-5967 
Fax: (252) 399-2871 

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