Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AMELIA, VA - by friday!!!! ONLY 48 HOURS LEFT FOR 2 DOGS

Hi I'm Smitty. Not sure where I can from, but I could sure use a home. I need a little work, but I could be a great companion if you give me a chance. Name: Smitty, Hound mix - male - 1-2 yoa - 40 lbs. Release date - 6/28/11 
Howdy, I'm Tony. I need to find a home too. I'm not too good with other dogs, but I could be a great in a one-dog family. I'll give you lots of love and protection. Won't you give me a chance? Tony - Hound - male-neutered - 1-2 yoa - 70-80 lbs. Release date - 7/1/11
WHERE ARE WE? Amelia County Animal Control, Amelia, Virginia
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please respond to; Cindy Case, Receptionist / Permit Technician, Amelia County Animal Control; Telephone: (804) 561-3878 

NOTE FROM SHELTER: Smitty is a nice dog. We are going to retest him with puppies just to be sure he gets along with others.  Smitty needs someone to work with him.  Even though he's seems okay with other dogs, we have determined that he still needs some socialization. Tony is a very good boy.  He is very friendly.  We really like him but definitely does not get along with other dogs. 

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