Friday, July 29, 2011

Manhattan, NY Declawed Senior Sisters Lost Mom to Cancer/Family in HURRY to Get Rid of Them!

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  PLEASE SHARE WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS AND CO-WORKERS *FROM DINA: “A friend of mine tragically passed away yesterday (July 28) from cancer and left behind 2 wonderful cats that now urgently need a home. She thought a neighbor would take them but he said NO. They are Gracie and Daisy (the black/white and gray/white cats in photo). They are 13yr old sisters and shouldn't be separated! They are declawed, spayed, healthy, and have the sweetest dispositions ever. They were faithful loving companions to my friend for 13 years and literally stayed by her side providing comfort and love throughout her illness. Now they are suddenly homeless and afraid! Please pass the word around- time is of the essence-- I think I only have the weekend to find them a home!” (The family is from out-of-state and seems to be in a rush to settle up affairs and get home.) Thank you so much, Dina  917-941-6880 email

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