Thursday, May 31, 2012

*PILOT POINT, TX: Bonded Cocker and Retriever need your help!!! Delilo found his way to Sampson in the shelter.

GREAT NEWS! They have been adopted together!!
This is heartbreaking!! Delilo found his way through gates and buildings to be with his best friend Sampson - please help keep them together.
*From Plyler:  Here [are] the pictures of the two bonded males at the Pilot Point Animal Control... Earlier, Sampson had been moved to a different kennel in different part of the shelter... But, Delilo's kennel must have been just closed but not latched...because when I walked into Animal Control, Delilo was sitting in front of Sampson's kennel giving him kisses... This baby [didn't] only push open the heavy kennel door but made his way... two connected buildings over to find his mate.
It was so sweet but heartbreaking. Please help keep them together. Sampson will likely be put in our adoption program [soon] but Delilo will not because of his age & hair loss (from fleas). This means these two will likely never see each other again. It just breaks my heart. ... Can any one give [these] two a place together?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Simsbury,CT - Two senior sweet dogs need new home asap!

Lizzie and Boomer, 2 bonded dogs temporarily in a boarding facility and their owner is running out of money and time. Please help them find a new home.
*From E: Please crosspost to find these two gorgeous dogs a new home (preferably together)... owner is distraught about having to rehome them and has not been able to place them on her own... please keep any nasty comments to yourself... this is about helping animals and not about putting people down...  HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact is

*From Karen: Hi.  My name is Lizzie.  I am a 9 year old German Shepherd mix. I am spayed and up-to-date on my shots.  I’m active and in really good health. My mom rescued me from the pound when I was only a year old.  I was very skinny and quite shy. My mom fed me and loved me, and I have become a very sweet girl.  I get along well with people, and  I am good with other dogs as long as we are properly introduced.  Unfortunately, my mom is moving to a place where she cannot have a fence for me and where I do not have room to run.  Rescue and re-homing organizations are not interested in me because I am a “senior.”  My dream is to find a home where I can run and play and be loved, ideally with my brother Boomer (see below), as we have been together for 8 years and are best friends. 
Hello.  I’m Boomer, a 9-year old Chow/Spitz mix. People tell me all the time that I am a VERY handsome guy. I am neutered and up-to-date on all my shots.  I am friendly and active. I like to meet new people, and I get along well with other dogs, especially my sister Lizzie (we even prefer to snuggle in a single dog house together).  My mom rescued me from the pound when I was only a puppy. Unfortunately, my mom is moving to a place where she cannot have a fence for me and where I do not have room to run.  Like Lizzie, re-homing organizations are not interested in me because I am a “senior.”  My dream is to find a home where I can run and play and be loved, ideally with my sister Lizzie (see above), as we have been together for 8 years and are best friends.  She is “my girl,” and I take great pride in protecting her.  One time, we took an adventure trip from home and Lizzie hurt her leg.  I protected her from strangers until our mom came for us.  I am loyal to her and to my mom. 

*From COLLIER, KAREN: Good morning.  I am supremely frustrated, broken hearted, and desperate.  Due to a recent change in my living situation, I can no longer keep my two beloved dogs that I’ve had for eight years. They are wonderful companions, and I only want for them to find a good home.  I am trying so hard to be a responsible pet owner and find them a good place to go.  I have contacted friends and family, as well as work acquaintances.  Nobody knows of anyone who can help, nor can they help themselves.  I have contacted rescue and rehoming organizations, only to be turned down by all of them, citing that the reason is that my dogs are “seniors.”  Some have graciously offered to cross-post them, which I welcomed at first.  Then, I realized that this led to a number of people emailing me to condemn me for being a bad pet owner, rubbing salt into an already-festering wound.  I am trying SO hard to do the right thing. I am currently paying to have the dogs boarded, and I am driving 60 miles round trip after work each day to spend time with them.  Simply, I cannot keep this up.  It is taking a toll on me, financially and emotionally.  Moreover, I know that it is not healthy for the dogs.  I have started looking for anyone in the region who may be able to help me.  Honestly, I teared up when I found your web site.  I hope and pray that everything I read is true and that you can help my babies and me.  I just need to find them a place and know that they’re okay.

Please, please say that you can help us.
Karen C. Collier

Monday, May 28, 2012

*MIAMI, FL - Boxer Left Behind in Foreclosed House

8-9-12:  WONDERFUL UPDATE:  Cheryl tells us that he is now in a loving home with a family who loves and spoils him.  These new pictures say it all!!

PLEASE HELP THIS POOR DOG! You can see the confusion and fear in his face.
*FROM CHERYL: This poor boxer was left behind in a Miami foreclosure without air conditioning. We are providing food and water but he needs a rescue ASAP. No Paws will help with spay/neuter if needed and vet. Please contact me if you can help.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Cheryl Lang

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

*NASHVILLE , TN - URGENT!! 2 Dogs need IMMEDIATE home/foster - Owner is devastated!

5/25/12 UPDATE:  Southern Soul Rescue in Augusta, GA has stepped up for these two babies.  Looking for transport help.  Please spread the word and contact Laura Chambers if you can help!

5/23/12 From Laura:
 Hey guys... NO RESPONSE on this one as of yet. I have till FRIDAY.... THIS FRIDAY to get these dogs moved. I have included the vets name and number this time. IF YOU CAN DONATE ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY TO BUY US
SOME TIME PLEASE DO! A little more info I found out is that they are both great with other dogs, unsure about cats. VERY laid

Monday, May 21, 2012

KANSAS CITY, KS 66103 - VERY URGENT!! - 17 Dogs Abandoned Due to Foreclosure!!

Need Fosters and/or Forever Homes!! These dogs are inside the house with no air conditioning or water.
*From Cheryl:  Most are medium sized dogs, some are small. One dog just had a litter of puppies. We need help!!
No Paws is providing food and water on a daily basis, but the situation is dire. Borrower will not be prosecuted in exchange for her signed release of the dogs to the bank so we would not have to wait 30 days for her to claim them.
*From Cheryl: I am the contact, and we will pay for the spay/neuter, and vetting of all dogs.
If you can help one, some, or all, we need to get them out of the house.
CONTACT IS: Cheryl Lang:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

*Chatsworth, GA: Precious pup with mange to be PTS in hours!

8-11-12:  Precious has been saved! Hoping for a current picture soon!

Just hours to save this sweet little pup
I am very precious!

110593 b Poor, sweet 1 1/2-yr-old girl has mange. She was found in this pitful state. She's getting treatment for the mange, but needs rescue help NOW. Despite her condition, she is in good spirits. Please, please help her! 
This sweet pup is set to be PTS Thur at dawn at the Murray Shelter in Chatsworth, GA just north of Atlanta and just south of Chattanooga , TN ). We must know by THIS WED 5/16 if she has rescue. Please help her live. 

NOTE: Free transport to Atlanta provided. Transport contacts to the northeast and midwest available (once she gets the OK to travel)

Please e-mail or call ASAP as time is of the essence! Your rescue help is greatly appreciated!!
If you are not able to save this dog at this time, you also may make a donation on her behalf. Simply go to, click on the "send money" tab on the home page and enter the shelter acct, In the subject line, indicate this is a donation for the mangy girl.
Thank you!!

Lisa Hester, volunteer
- and –
Joann, volunteer

(860) 657-5340
- and - 
Robin, volunteer
215 -802-7816
- and -
706-260-5251 (daytime Tu,Th,F)(TEXT or call)
Pauline Davisac2mcac@yahoo.com706-463-2194, TEXT messages only

Monday, May 14, 2012

*Birmingham, AL: Homeless on 5/26 ** Disabled woman needs to rehome Lab mix - Urgent!!

8-9-12 Happy Update!!  "Lady was adopted by a woman about 60 years old in Homewood, Alabama. She also has 2 other senior dogs and Lady fit right in with her canine family. Lady has a beautiful backyard to play in and even a neighbor who has fallen in love with her as well. The neighbor comes over to visit everyday and they have a special bond. So Lady is extremely luck and kinda has 2 Moms who loves her dearly!! All worked out perfectly for this sweet senior pooch!! Thank you so much for asking about her..."   Ellen

Lady is losing her home and has only 3 weeks to find a new one!! Please help her.
*From Ellen: The owner of this sweet dog has become disabled and is having to move in with her brother in Montana. Her dog Lady MUST be re-homed by 5/26/12. That leaves only 3 weeks and Lady will be homeless!!  The situation is becoming URGENT for these animals and great homes or rescue are needed quickly. Below is Ladys information... she is an absolute doll!!! Such a total lovebug!! Lady is located in Birmingham, Alabama... but can be transported a reasonable

Friday, May 11, 2012

*UPDATE: Bandit has a new home!!!

Lovely Update from Sarah:  I am happy to tell you that Bandit will be moving soon - to his new Kentucky home!! We are currently figuring out next steps to move forward with his HW treatment....
Thank you to everyone who helped by crossposting his story--
it worked!! Also, thank you to those who emailed and called to check on his status, and to those who offered to foster. Everything came together all at once. It was amazing!
On behalf of his foster, Jaxon....Thank you, Thank You!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

*Atlanta, GA: UPDATE: ROZ IS SAFE NOW -- Owner moving to England - adoption fell through

WONDERFUL UPDATE!!!! Good news all. We've been in touch w/ Roz's owner and response to this email has been overwhelming... she's narrowed it down to a couple homes and will be in touch w/ both of these families to pick the perfect home for Roz. Roz is safe.

Also, I do want to clarify that while England no longer requires quarantine, Roz's owners will actually only be there a few months with family before moving on to Iraq, which is definitely not a great place for dogs. It was truly not possible for Roz to go with and there's been much time/effort put in since this email was circulated to ensure they're leaving her in the best home. 

Thanks to all who cared, responded and tried to help -- if only all of the urgent dogs were this popular! Not sure how this one made it so far and wide, but do it again when I send the next urgent dog please! ;)---------------

Monday, May 7, 2012

*Please help Maggie! Shot with BB gun and paralyzed while pregnant in New Jersey!

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact:  Adrienne Jimenez:  email: phone: 201-867-4795

 *FROM ADRIENNE: One day Maggie was walking outside, trying to figure out where her next meal would be, maybe looking for a safe place to have her babies, which were due any day. She wasn't bothering anyone, she was just trying to be a good cat. But a very terrible person decided to use her as target practice. They shot her with a BB gun and the bullet compressed her spinal cord, causing her to become instantly paralyzed in her back legs.

She dragged herself for days to a yard where she knew the lady was NICE. It took a long time to get

Sunday, May 6, 2012

*NYC - BLIND/DEAF Senior Harley & PeeWee, his seeing eye helper to be killed! PLEASE HELP! SEE VIDEO

UPDATE:  At the 11th hour, a NJ rescue saved them!

*From Middle Mutts: We don't normally reach out for help for animals that are not in Middle Mutts network; however, this story has touched us and we are hoping that someone will be able to help.
Harley is a 14 yr old Chow mix that is both deaf and blind. He was owner surrendered along with his helper Pee-Wee who is a 4 yr old

Saturday, May 5, 2012


8-9-12  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!  "Yes Liam was rescued and is doing wonderful in his foster home in Michigan. He actually may be a little overweight now."  Crystal 
Found in a garbage dump - starving!! 
This is LIAM  A156901 - UNALTERED MALE, WHITE POINTER/PIT BULL mix, 7Y –Liam was brought in as a stray. He was going through a garbage can trying to find food. This poor boy was literally starving. He is so very thin. He has what we believe may be a lipoma type growth on his right rear leg about the size of a golf ball. He is such a sweet soul. When he looks into your eyes with his, he seems to be saying “thank you for giving me food and a nice place to sleep---I was so very tired of having to search for my next meal.” This sweet boy will be available after 5/5 for rescue placement. He weighs about 30lbs. He must be out by 5/9.

These dogs/cats must be out by 8AM on their due out date! THEREFORE, they must have a commitment by 5PM the day before. However, please note that if the animal shows signs of being sick it can be euthanized so do not wait until it is too late to commit.
Where is he? Catawba County Animal Services, North Carolina
How can you help? please email Crystal:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

NY: Fire Forces Cats From Hudson Rescue Shelter

Fire Forces Cats From Hudson Rescue Shelter 
- Lance Wheeler Video
FIRE at Animalkind! They Need Your Help!!!
Tuesday night at 11 pm there was a fire in the building of Animalkind.

Due to the fast response of the fire department and our sprinkler system-no lives were lost.
Unfortunately the water damage is tremendous and we needed to evacuate all 120 cats on wednesday. The Warren Inn generously provided a temporary housing place, but many of our rescues still need a place to go.

We have nowhere to go and no funds.
We are in desperate NEED of locations, homes, foster homes and donations!!
 Any amount will help us save our organization. Please spread the word and adopt or foster!
WE NEED YOU NOW! Otherwise our existence is uncertain, that means there will be no place for the forgotten and homeless felines. Please e-mail if you can help (our tel.system is down for now)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

*SANFORD NC: Update for sweet injured dog now named Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea, as she has now been named, is receiving medical care for her wounds and has a long road ahead of her.  Her pectoral muscles were completely torn and she has a luxating patella. Surgery for that will have to wait until her other wounds heal.  She is being fostered by a vet tech's mother right now so she is receiving much needed TLC during her recovery.  If you would like to donate to her care or are interested in adopting her, contact Laura Roberts at 919-851-4421 for details.

In a lot of Pain and Needs Rescue -- Urgent help Needed 
*From Omayra: She came to the shelter as a stray. She is a Brindle Pitt very sweet and calm. Even she is injured very bad did not try to bite when we were cleaning and disinfecting the area that looks like she was attack by another animal. She is in a really bad shape and in a lot of pain. If any one can help her please do so. Her available day is tomorrow and she need a vet soon. If not she will be PTS because of her condition. :( We are trying to keep the area cleaned and do what is available in owner hands. We do not have medical treatment in the shelter. :( Thanks,
To Help, Contact: Omayra Zagada, Lee County Animal Control Officer II
Phone: (919) 776-7446
Fax: (919) 718-1426 ( 0 )
E-mail:   website: