Wednesday, May 9, 2012

*Atlanta, GA: UPDATE: ROZ IS SAFE NOW -- Owner moving to England - adoption fell through

WONDERFUL UPDATE!!!! Good news all. We've been in touch w/ Roz's owner and response to this email has been overwhelming... she's narrowed it down to a couple homes and will be in touch w/ both of these families to pick the perfect home for Roz. Roz is safe.

Also, I do want to clarify that while England no longer requires quarantine, Roz's owners will actually only be there a few months with family before moving on to Iraq, which is definitely not a great place for dogs. It was truly not possible for Roz to go with and there's been much time/effort put in since this email was circulated to ensure they're leaving her in the best home. 

Thanks to all who cared, responded and tried to help -- if only all of the urgent dogs were this popular! Not sure how this one made it so far and wide, but do it again when I send the next urgent dog please! ;)---------------

We are leaving the country next week. We had a new home for our dog, but he called today and has a true family emergency and can't take her anymore. Had I known, I would have made plans for her months ago.

We would give anything to take her with us, but we will only be in England for a few months, staying with family and then we are moving to Qatar, a Muslin area and dogs are not allowed.
I called every shelter and humane society. Same answer from all of them 'can't take her, too little time to place, YOU left it too late' like we could have known this would happen. One woman said she would help if I gave her $30 a day until she found her a home and she wanted my credit card number. 

My only options now are a miracle or Euthanasia.
Her name is Roz. 4 yr old lab/border collie mix, 55lb.  She was a rescue, I have had her 2 years, the foster home we got her from are no longer fosters (old now) and don't want her back.

She is spayed. All shots and screenings done 2 weeks ago. Microchipped. House trained, calm, affectionate, LOVES children/babies of all ages, never aggressive. Loves riding in cars and snuggling. She doesn't chew but does have to have something in her mouth to give to you when you come home, greets you at the door with a wagging tail and a gift.

Great guard dog, barks once to let you know someone is close or something is wrong, otherwise quiet.  Does like to chase cats, squirrels, chipmunks and deer. Probably wouldn't know what to do if she caught one, it hasn't happened yet.

This is my baby, truly the best dog in the universe.  Please, please help me find her a loving home.

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