Monday, May 21, 2012

KANSAS CITY, KS 66103 - VERY URGENT!! - 17 Dogs Abandoned Due to Foreclosure!!

Need Fosters and/or Forever Homes!! These dogs are inside the house with no air conditioning or water.
*From Cheryl:  Most are medium sized dogs, some are small. One dog just had a litter of puppies. We need help!!
No Paws is providing food and water on a daily basis, but the situation is dire. Borrower will not be prosecuted in exchange for her signed release of the dogs to the bank so we would not have to wait 30 days for her to claim them.
*From Cheryl: I am the contact, and we will pay for the spay/neuter, and vetting of all dogs.
If you can help one, some, or all, we need to get them out of the house.
CONTACT IS: Cheryl Lang:

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