Thursday, May 31, 2012

*PILOT POINT, TX: Bonded Cocker and Retriever need your help!!! Delilo found his way to Sampson in the shelter.

GREAT NEWS! They have been adopted together!!
This is heartbreaking!! Delilo found his way through gates and buildings to be with his best friend Sampson - please help keep them together.
*From Plyler:  Here [are] the pictures of the two bonded males at the Pilot Point Animal Control... Earlier, Sampson had been moved to a different kennel in different part of the shelter... But, Delilo's kennel must have been just closed but not latched...because when I walked into Animal Control, Delilo was sitting in front of Sampson's kennel giving him kisses... This baby [didn't] only push open the heavy kennel door but made his way... two connected buildings over to find his mate.
It was so sweet but heartbreaking. Please help keep them together. Sampson will likely be put in our adoption program [soon] but Delilo will not because of his age & hair loss (from fleas). This means these two will likely never see each other again. It just breaks my heart. ... Can any one give [these] two a place together?

HOW TO HELP THEM? Stephen Plyler (contact me at
AAD Shelter Volunteer
Don't let Delilo's age keep him from being with his best friend Sampson. These two must stay together! 

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