Sunday, August 28, 2011


WHO IS SHE?  This is KATTY (*From Karen: I just had this kitten rescued from Death Row in NYC.  The rescue organization that pulled her for me set up a Chip in to raise funds for her immediate, necessary vet care.)  
KATTY is as all kittens should be, active and curious, but sadly, her curiosity ended up with her becoming injured--possibly an electrical cord burn. (The shelter will kill for less so KATTY really needed her friends. Fortunately she was pulled by our HEARTS rescue member Karen.)
NOW KATTY HAS A FUREVER HOME, but help is needed with her medical bills, etc. that were incurred during her isolation and treatment.
Please click the title to be directed to a ChipIn link that exists to help raise funds to help pay for medical bills for Katty and two others.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quentin, the Quarantined Cat Needs a Furever Home

Hi Everyone. My name is Quentin, have you heard my story?? Please view it here on The Daily Tail and check out my ChipIn button.  I have had lot's of expenses and owe many so much.  I'd really appreciate your help.

Back in April, I got into a scuffle with a raccoon and found myself at the King George Animal Control place. There was some talk that I might have to die because I might have been exposed to rabies, and no one knew if I was current on rabies vaccines or not. I was scared!  It turns out Virginia is one of the states with the highest number of reported rabies cases, and raccoon’s account for ... Read more about Quentin ....

Monday, August 22, 2011

EMERGENCY! Rescue Dogs In Georgia DESPERATE FOR FOOD! Purina/Petsmart Donations Stopped! National Interest!

Originally posted in August, things are still dire.  Please help this wonderful group continue to save lives and rescue not only rotties, but other breeds from tiny teacup babies to mastiffs.  Don't think that any amount is too all adds up and every positive intention attracts more help.  Just a click and a moment of your time can make the difference in the life of a trusting animal who would otherwise be abandoned or euthanized.

Click here to make a difference:

On behalf of Pam Bone of the Rural Ga Rottie Animal Rescue, we are sending out a plea for help. They have lost the food donations from Petsmart and Nestle-Purina due to corporate restructuring. The rescue is now facing an extreme difficulty in feeding the animals in her care and is having to turn away other animals in need due to the lack in funds and food. Please read her note below and do what you can to help. Thank you, Hearts to the Rescue.

*From Pam:  Here in Georgia we are unfortunate victims of hard economic times. We generally go through 50-100# of food a day! We've run out of options and cannot afford to purchase the food on our own. The money we do get goes to vetting first and foremost. We are pleading to the community as well as pursuing other companies who may be willing to donate. While we are a smaller rescue, we have joined efforts to form a coalition with other rescues in hopes more mouths to feed would enable us to gain more donations. So here we are, begging, pleading, if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, connections, or even just a can or bag of food, please contact us: We have puppies to seniors from tiny teacup Chihuahuas to Great Danes, Mastiffs, and of course Rotties! So no food will go wasted. Please consider helping us so we can save lives!  Thank you ~

Our Paypal info if you would like to donate:
Our Facebook link:
Our Email: 
Our snail mail: 
P.O. Box 771
Lizella, Ga 31052

Pam Bone, President
Rural Ga Rottie Animal Rescue Inc
501C3 Nonprofit
(Photos: This is Talon who is also available for adoption, see

Sunday, August 21, 2011

L.A., CA shelter, HENRY IN DANGER NOW, $700 to qualified rescue

UPDATE: $700 TO QUALIFIED RESCUE. HENRY IS IN DANGER of EUTHANASIA at the Harbor Shelter, please go DIRECTLY there to adopt!  
WHO IS HE? HENRY-A1229868 - Henry is a 10 yr old tan Labrador Retriever and Chow Chow mix. He weighs 65 pounds and has been at Harbor Shelter since July 09, 2011. See his YouTube video WHERE IS HE? HARBOR SHELTER, 957 N. Gaffey Street, San Pedro, CA 90731 HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call 888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381, HOURS OF PUBLIC OPERATION: Monday (Closed) Tuesday (8AM - 7PM) Wednesday (8AM - 5PM) Thursday (8AM - 7PM) Friday (8AM - 5PM) Saturday (8AM - 5PM) Sunday (11AM - 5PM). Ask for information about animal ID A1229868

long island charlie

Good News!! DFW Cocker Rescue saved him! *From Susan: HELP HELP HELP - THIS SWEET BOY IS MISSING HIS BACK LEFT PAW. He only has a little nub and he gets around well, but not nearly as well as a dog with all 4 paws. WHO IS HE? So sweet Charlie is a "special needs" case and I am down on my hands and knees begging for a rescue to step forward and save this sweet boy's life. PLEASE CALL DAY OR NIGHT!! TRANSPORT HELP AVAILABLE! WE WANT THIS BOY TO GO AS A "RESCUE ONLY" PLEASE. 

L.A./Rancho Cucamonga, CA shelter-8 yr old DOTTY lost home, back at shelter

8 yr old DOTTY, 2 mos. there, adopted in 2004, back @ shelter now, very affectionate, spayed, loyal & loving gal WHO IS SHE? DOTTY - ID#A250794 My name is Dotty and I am a spayed female, white and red Pit Bull Terrier. The shelter thinks I am about 8 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jun 30, 2011. WHERE IS SHE? City of Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter, L.A./Rancho Cucamonga, CA HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call City of Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter at (909) 466-7387 Ask for information about animal ID number A250794 *From Shelter Staff:  Dotty here, pleasure to meet you! I was originally adopted out from the center in 2004, at 1.5 years old. Unfortunately, my family recently lost their home and had to bring me back because they could no longer take care of me. I'm now a very loving and loyal, 8-year old mature dog. Since I lived with my previous family for so long, I can be a bit shy around new people, but once I warm up to you I'm very affectionate. Being a senior (continued and shelter listing below)...

Placer Co, Auburn, CA, sweet ZACK, 8 yr old needs your help

Such a sweet, sad little face. 8 yr old boy-dog with so little chance...senior, pit, brown/red...three strikes--sweet-looking little boy! :(  
WHO IS HE? ZACK - ID#A020424 My name is ZACK. I am a male, red Pit Bull Terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 8 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jul 28, 2011.
WHERE IS HE? Shelter Listing: HOW CAN YOU HELP? call Placer County Animal Control - Auburn at (530) 886-5539. Ask for information about animal ID number A020424

Friday, August 19, 2011

LA,CA, URGENT LAST CALL, LADY is guaranteed to make you smile, Watch her on YouTube

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS :( We will do our best to find out. WHO IS SHE? ID#A1225818 My name is Lady and I am an unaltered female, black and white American Staffordshire Terrier. The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old. I weigh approximately 30 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Jun 27, 2011. Click  Shelter Listing  for more info. WHERE IS SHE? North Central Animal Care, LA, CA HOW CAN YOU HELP? For more information about this animal, call shelter at (888) 452-7381 and ask for information about animal ID number A1225818 *From Listing: One of the shelter staff asked me to network Lady, and after spending time with her, I can certainly see why.  I couldn't get enough ...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

LA, CA, 13 year old peke surrendered because they think she's too old, URGENT STAFF PLEA

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS, BARBIE HAS BEEN RESCUED!!   Bless her heart, she may be old, but she still wants to be loved. WHO IS SHE? My name is Barbie and I am an old girl, but I can be a good companion for you. I don't take up much room and I have a lot of love left to give you. Name: BARBIE - ID#A0255836, 13 year old spayed female, white Pekingese, app 10 pounds. SURRENDERED DUE TO AGE - Very sweet dog, Older girl but still has some spunk - URGENT will not do good in shelter. Seems very depressed. WHERE IS SHE? North Central Animal Care and Control Center, LA, CA HOW CAN YOU HELP? Email Anna Hernandez at or call shelter at at (888) 452-7381 - Ask for information about animal ID number A0255836 PET HARBOR LISTING


Sweet Lizzie has a wonderful new home!
LIZZIE HAS A WONDERFUL NEW HOME! Police Officer ReJena Parker just sent this plea for Scared Senior Girl:: I REALLY need help quick to find this baby a home. She is having a very hard time, sitting, walking and sometimes standing on the concrete. She is a senior dog, no problems in using the bathroom (1 or 2). The heat is hard on her also. This baby is scared. Please if you can send some help my way. WHO IS SHE? Lizzy, Senior, female, 5 to 7 years old, don't know if she has been spayed, do not know about shots. Lizzy appears to have problems sitting, walking and sometimes standing. Lizzie needs vet care and someone to rescue her now.


STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS :( We will do our best to find out. *From Linda: "MY BOY" 15 yr neutered orange/wht boy-kitty, obviously loved @ one time, can you love him again? WHO IS HE? MY BOY - Pet ID: A1111587; male domestic MH; white-orange tabby; neutered; WHERE IS HE?  OC Animal Care Center 561 The City Drive South Orange, CA 92868  HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call shelter at 714-935-6848  CLICK HERE FOR LISTING

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LA, CA : Found PB Rottweiler girl - someone jammed a pen into her foot! Needs Help!

STATUS UNKNOWN :( We will do our best to find out.  PHS is very full and she will not have a lot of time for this Rottie to stay. PLEASE HELP. WHO IS SHE? ID# A293888, Unaltered female, black and tan Rottweiler, about 2 years and 6 months old. WHERE IS SHE? Pasadena Humane Society, LA, CA  HOW CAN YOU HELP? contact Kimberly *From Kimberly: When I saw her at the shelter today, she seemed very sweet.  She came right up to the bars and wanted me to pet her. The shelter said they're very crowded and she probably only has a few days before she needs to be adopted.  She's skiddish and she's definitely an abused stray (unspayed) Rottie who was abandoned.  We had been trying to catch her because she has an injured paw (someone jammed a pen in it), but we found out this morning that the Pasadena Humane Society got her before we could go back to catch her. We are all networking like crazy to try and find someone to adopt her - please help!  Her Pasadena ID # is: A293888.

Bakersfield (Delano), CA: pound-bound 1 yr old little dainty JRT gal- nowhere to go

STATUS UNKNOWN :( We will do our best to find out.  JUST RECEIVED THIS, NOT SURE IF THIS SWEET FACE IS AT THE POUND OR NOT.   From Nancy:  This 1 year old is going to the pound TONIGHT if we can't find her a home!!! My step mother in law found her at the school she teaches at in delano..... she's approximately 1 year old not spayed in and has had her recent shots. She has been boarded at the vet for almost a week ....even a temp foster home would work till we can find her a good home!! She is a 5 lbs jack russell chiwawa mix.....very sweet LOVES to snuggle.....but is a runner (like most a fenced yard would be great!!!) Please contact Nancy Rodriguez ASAP if u r interested!!! 661-319-7219

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

L.A. (Carson), CA shelter-teeny, tiny terrier gal, only 1 yr old at shelter since 7/8

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS :( THIS LITTLE GIRL IS STILL AT THE SHELTER. *From Linda:  ... EASY ADOPT! Looks rather pink under that short white coat--really adorable little face even tho she looks sad/confused. WHO AM I? I don't know my name, but they gave me a number A4308565. I'm just a little bitty girl and I'm very scared, please won't you come get me and take me home with you. I promise I'll be really good. Name: unknown; Terrier mix, female; 1 y/o; Impound Date: 7/8/2011 5:32 pm;  WHERE AM I? LA County: Carson Shelter, 216 W. Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248 HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Call the shelter at (310) 523-9566

Monday, August 15, 2011

URGENT Senior Cocker Spaniel at ACCT Philadelphia surrendered by her owners because she's too old!

*From Jill: We just got a owner surrender senior here and we're in a rush to get her a live exit ASAP! WHO IS SHE? Pepper, ID#13816040 -- Its true, Pepper isn't a spry little puppy anymore, but she's got a lot of love to give! Pepper has cateracts, can't hear well, is a bit slow and is in desperate need of a grooming. Her teeth are pretty much what you'd expect a old dogs teeth to look like, but she is eating and drinking well. I called Peppers former family to see why exactly they surrendered her. They said they have had her since she was 8 weeks old and brought her to our over crowded shelter because they got a new puppy and the pup is picking on poor old Pepper. Pepper grew up with a slew of children and has always been wonderful with...


Pee Wee needs to find a new home, Landlord does not allow pets. PEE WEE'S STORY: The family had to move from Oregon to Las Vegas due to a domestic violence situation to a house where the landlord does not allow pets. The grandmother, Pee Wee's human mom, now has her two grand babies to take care. She has made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to find Pee Wee a good home where he can get the care and attention she can no longer give him. Dog's Name: Pee Wee, male dachshund, 10 y/o, became paralyzed 3 yrs ago; has no bowel or bladder control, has a mobility cart; Pee Wee has gained a little weight since photos taken in 2010 WHERE IS HE? Las Vegas, NV HOW CAN YOU HELP HIM? Please contact Patricia at if you can adopt this sweet boy.  Handicapped Pet Listing   Facebook Listing *From Patricia...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

LA, CA: DAISY, scruffy tiny terrier! EMERGENCY! pound-bound SUNDAY

DAISY IS HEADED TO THE POUND TODAY, PLEASE HELP US FIND HER A HOME. WHO IS SHE? Her name is DAISY *Daisy's story from Jennifer: I'm posting for a friend, she's moving and can't take her with her. She said she'll take her to the pound tomorrow is she can get rid of her. Would really appreciate the help she's a very sweet dog! This sweet dog is a girl and needs a home A.S.A.P. or she goes to the pound tomorrow. Her name is Daisy and she's 9 months old and potty trained and house broken. She's great with kids too. Please give her a home so she doesn't go to the pound. She is terrier & pit bull. Please e-mail me with a time you can pick her up this Sunday. NOTE: *From Linda: Contact is Jennifer, who is posting for a friend of hers. please do not send her nasty emails. time is of the essence. i see no pit bull in this little dog.  WHERE IS SHE? LA, CA HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Jennifer immediately at

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Kiki (now named Journey) and Stoney both have been adopted!!
*From Linda: 8/11 Bobbie was at the shelter this afternoon to take pictures of the dogs and she said Kiki seems to understand she is going to die and is resigned. Instead of wagging her tail when she is spoken to, now she just lays there with her head down. She is scheduled to be killed Monday 8/15 WHO IS SHE? Kiki -- An adoptable Pit Bull Terrier in Cottageville, WV -- Kiki's Petfinder Listing  
WHO IS HE? Stoney -- An adoptable Treeing Walker Coonhound in Cottageville, WV -- Stoney's Petfinder Listing  

Sweet Dog Plays Ball by herself! No time left, please help!!!

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  CRITICAL NOW DEVORE SAID DOMINO HAS KC MUST GET OUT TODAY(sat.) OR WILL BE EUTHANIZED at cob. Call shelter and/or lisa at San Bernardino County Animal Shelter 19777 Shelter Way Devore, CA 92407 Phone: (909) 887-8055
All she needs is antibiotics. pls save this wonderful dog.
*From email:  Hi everyone. Owner was devastated, but they love this dog at Devore...plays ball by herself by throwing the ball up in the air and catching it. Quite a personality, loves all dogs and all people, a love bug with kids. She only has through end of today Saturday August 13th. Trista describes her as goofy and sweet. Her pic is attached and here is the info...


Please help Brenda find a good home for Lila.  WHO IS SHE? Lila's human mom is now disabled, and having to sell her house and move into an apartment. Lost her other dog to cancer in 2008, now facing serious health issues herself. Dog's Name: LILA -- female, cocker/golden mix, 11 y/o, healthy spayed, HW neg; vac UTD; has lost weight since photos after changing to healthier diet; transport available;  Click here for HP Listing
WHERE IS SHE?  Ravenel, SC, just south of Charleston
HOW CAN YOU HELP LILA?  Contact Brenda Gilliland at  *From Brenda:  It would be best if she was the...

L.A., CA-Tuxxy, one eyed cat w/ steel plate in jaw, loves people & other cats-- needs a home

*From Linda Abbott: I AM THE CONTACT. CALL me at 310.686.9010 or email me at  THANK YOU.
WHO IS HE? Male black and white cat, 5-1/2 y/o, one eye, steel plate in jaw. Read his story below. WHERE IS HE? LA, CA
Tuxxy's STORY:  Before you know anything at all about Tuxxy, you must know 3 things...  1. Getting hit by a car was maybe the best thing to ever happen to him, strangely enough.  2. HE TALKS! CONSTANTLY!  3. He LOVES other cats. and people too! Even when other cats are MEH or even mean to him, that doesn't stop Tuxxy from trying to make friends! Never a hiss nor a growl nor sour look, Tuxxy just wants to have friends!

I relocated Tuxxy to a friend's house because my landlords said I
could no longer feed the strays/ferals here. I took one in...

Wantage, NJ: KITTY Lost Her Home Due to Alzheimer's...Already in Kill Pound!

Third Request, time is running out.  WHO IS KITTY? 7 Year old white female cat  WHERE IS SHE? Wantage, NJ HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Pam at 973-903-8318. Transport available.  *From Pam: We had to put my mom in a nursing home due to the progression of her Alzheimer's. As a result we are now trying to find a home for her cat. She is a sweet, healthy cat, approx 7 yrs Old and spayed. She is about 20 pounds. She is an indoor cat, and would do best in a quiet home.  She is shy at first, but LOVES to be combed and pet. At night she loves to be by her owner watching TV curled up next to you. During the day she has her own bed which seems to be her preference. She is a great companion. She seems to be heart broken, we swear she knows what's going on! (Of Course she DOES!!!)

Barbour shelter in WV is FULL!

*From Annie's Orphans: They put down 7 dogs last week - no notice to the many volunteers that work to get the dogs out. This shelter is in Philippi, WV. Please spread the word - many of us have worked for years to shut down the gas chamber - and now it is fired up again.
Come to Our Next Adoption Events:
August 13th -- 12 pm until 4 pm
Whole Pet Central - 1306 East Gude Drive, Rockville, MD 20850
Phone:  757-753-6864
Annie's Orphans is always looking for volunteers!
Send us an email to find out how you can get involved in saving a pet's life.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Alvin, TX: Anton needs help! He has overcome so much! He has a cart and is special needs!

PLEASE HELP HIM FIND A HOME. WATCH ANTON'S VIDEO HERE.  *From Julia: This dog has not many chances. We think he is a chow mixed since he has short legs. He was living under a trailer home. He has a rear back leg that looks injured and he can't walk much. WHO IS HE? Name: ANTON, Chow Chow Mix, male, in the shelter since June. WHERE IS HE? City of Alvin Animal Control c/o Alvin Police Department, Alvin, Texas HOW CAN YOU HELP HIM? Contact Julia 832-775-6534, Alvin animal control volunteer, Or call the Alvin Animal Control at 281-388-4331 (closed on Sunday, Monday, holidays).  PET FINDER LISTING  HANDICAPPED PETS LISTING

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 Great News! Buddy has a new home ! *From EVA: I am helping a neighbor to place an adult male cat, named Buddy, that desperately needs a home. He is approximately 11 to 13 years old, very friendly, calm and house trained. He was rescued years ago from the streets after getting into a fight with a random animal and losing half his tail. He is all black with a white tie and white socks (tuxedo kitty). His owners are losing their house to foreclosure and moving into an apartment that has a strict no pets rule.As of this Thursday, August 11th, Buddy will be homeless. The last time he was vaccinated was about 5 years ago (NOTE:  if rescue steps up, donation can be made by family to help update vetting!).

Sunday, August 7, 2011

UPDATE: PEPPY STILL IN SHELTER, NEEDS OUT.Very Senior Cocker, mostly blind very sweet, disoriented

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:( PEPPY STILL NEEDS A HOME TO LIVE THE REST OF HIS YEARS. WHO AM I? My name is Peppy. My owners don't want me anymore. I can't see too well, but I sure would like a big soft pillow to lay on. Can you help me find a nice home? PEPPY ID# A1643757; Male Tricolor Cocker Spaniel; app 15 y/o; neutered; at shelter since 7/17/11; WHERE AM I? Los Angeles Animal Control - Agoura
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please call the shelter at (818) 991-0071 and ask for information about animal ID number A1643757 See more about him here:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This just in, not much time left for sweet, shy chubby cat GIZMO (AKA Cowardly lion) Needs Rescue today!!!!

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(   HELP SAVE GIZMO aka THE COWARDLY LION! He needs rescue or adoption immediately!!!! We just received this information, apologize for such short notice. Photo not available because he's so frightened and confused. Even the flash scared him.
*From Joyce: I just spoke with Anna at the shelter this am.. Gizmo...

San Pedro, CA: Staff plea for PETEY, a beautiful & special young dog, only ONE DAY left!

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:( *From FB: This poor dog does not even have a name so I am temporarily calling him 'Pittie.' Pittie is NINE MONTH OLD and is a brown and white Pit Bull Terrier. This poor soul has not even had a chance at life yet! Pittie weighs 37 pounds and has been at Harbor Shelter since June 22, 2011. Pittie is only a pup with his entire life ahead of him. Please cross-post and tag for this little guy! He needs out ASAP as Harbor is EXTREMELY overcrowded!!!
FACEBOOK LISTING WHO IS HE? Name: PETEY, ID#A1224459, unaltered male, brown and white Pit Bull Terrier mix; app 10 months old; app 37 lbs; at shelter since 6/22/11 WHERE IS HE? Harbor Animal Care Center,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

LA, CA: How Could Anyone Do This!! Help Her Find a Good Loving Home

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:( The photo just tears your heart out, but we can't ignore this little girl. This poor sweet dog was taken to Lancaster Shelter in California after being kicked so hard the vet had to remove her eye. She is out of time and needs to know that there are good, loving people out there that aren't cruel and heartless... WHO IS SHE? Name: unknown,ID# 3638102; Cocker Spaniel, female WHERE IS SHE? She's in the ISO at Lancaster Shelter, 5210 W. Ave. I, Lancaster, CA 93536  HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call the shelter at (661) 940-4191, give them ID# 3638102

Atlanta, GA: Kola, sweet 7 year old partially blind Rottie Needs Foster

 UPDATE: FOSTERED!  *From Christine: Kola, whose mom lost her job and her home, needs a foster home until his mom gets settled and then she will take him back.  This arrangement could end up being permanent, although her original intention is to take him back when she can.  Kola recently had a red growth on one of his eye removed which left him 75% blind in that eye.  His other eye is approximately 45% blind.  He gets along ok, but if it is dark, he does not see very well and looks for his owner and sister for comfort. This is a note from the owner who has to give him up due to financial issues:  "Kola my eldest rott is  a beautiful 7 year old rott, going grey, but a very good dog.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Owner Very Ill, Can No Longer Take Care of His German Shepherd Named BACKUP

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  L.A., CA shelter-super handsome PB german shep boy named BACK UP, house-trained, sits, good with kids & playful, only 2 years old, VERY adoptable!  *From Linda:  I was doing my rounds last week and noticed this STUNNING boy. He is 2 years old but acts like 6 months. Needs some leash training but very smart, will catch on quick. He was owner surrendered last week. Per owner, he was an indoor outdoor dog. House trained, knows how to sit,VERY GOOD WITH KIDS AND PLAYFUL. He was surrendered because his owner has cancer and could no longer care for him. His name is "Back up" ( No clue why but responds)

Owner Dumped Him at the Pound because He Had Fleas!

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:( WHO IS HE? The owner of this 4 year old male old cocker spaniel didn't want him anymore because he had fleas. He is a very loving dog!Name Unknown; male cocker spaniel, 4 y/o WHERE IS HE? Camden County Animal Shelter, NJ HOW CAN YOU HELP? If you are interested in adopting, fostering, or are a rescue that can get him out of the Camden County Animal shelter please call 856.401.1300. Facebook listing 

Kansas City: Abandoned and Neglected for Over a Year, Help Gizmo find a Furever Home

STATUS UNKNOWN: EITHER ADOPTED, RESCUED, PTS:(  WHO IS HE? Gizmo, male Cocker Spaniel, 10 y/o, HW neg, mostly deaf, cloudy vision WHERE IS HE? Kansas City, KS HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Bridget at or at 816-522-3555 OR Samantha (Sam) at  If you can’t help him, could you please pass along to others who might be able to help this sweet boy?  Thanks so much. Linda  HIS STORY: *From Linda: Gosh, this is such a sad sad story. Gizmo is a 10 year old cocker boy who was abandoned with two other older dogs in a backyard. The original owner of the three dogs moved years ago and left the dogs with the tenants who were supposed to care for the dogs. They DIDN’T. They left them in the garage or outside, threw bags of food on the ground for them to eat, and the garage was covered with waste. They all were flea and tick infested and horribly matted-- but miraculously HW negative.  Finally a friend of the original owner became aware of the horrible...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


WONDERFUL UPDATE *From Monica: I have some fabulous news....after 6 long months (with an AMAZING foster mom) Roxy and Gizmo have a new forever home. Which I could not be more excited about! We had so many applicants and so many emails & calls. But, my foster group was really tough and they cut out all of the fruitcakes until the right family came along! So, thanks again for your help in trying to find my pups a home, I am extremely grateful. Bless you and your group for all that you do to help the animal community! UPDATE: ROXIE AND GIZMO ARE IN FOSTER CARE WITH A VOLUNTEER FROM ANGEL DOGS. THEY STILL NEED A PERMANENT HOME THOUGH. PLEASE RETURN FOR UPDATED CONTACT INFO.  *From Monica: I am in desperate need of help in finding a new home for my 2 dogs. Roxie - Female, black and tan min pin, 7.5 years old, approx 19 - 20 lbs, spayed  Gizmo - Male, chocolate and cream chihuahua, 7.5 yeards old, also 19-20 lbs, neutered --- I have had them since since I was able to take them about 8 weeks of  age. I am afraid that I may have to separate them, but am so hoping I do not have to. The reason I must find a new home is *my son is extremely allergic to them.* He has puffy, red eyes, sneezes, and has raised red rashes on his body daily, which he scratches intensely. I give him children's Claritin and he has gone through a number of prescription creams, which one is applied almost daily. I have waited as long as I can, waiting... MORE INFO AND PHOTOS